A man in Hubei on the eve of marriage fajiufeng dissuasion person holding the knife-acbel

A man in Hubei on the eve of marriage fajiufeng dissuasion person holding the knife, the scene of a man in Jujube on the eve of marriage besmeared with blood drunk brewing tragedy: just because a little dispute, in spite of his fiancee a man repeatedly discouraged, seriously wounded. Yesterday, Lee was arrested. The evening of July 13th, Lee riding a motorcycle to a cotton factory is located in the home, but in the gate area and the old man had a dispute. Lee also took home ablaze with anger in the kitchen, looking for the guard. Li Mouyuan and his fiancee plans second days to receive a marriage certificate, the fiance is also struggling to persuade him not to make trouble, before getting married. Lee not only do not listen, but also his wife pulled down to the ground. When he returned to the guard room, found the old man standing in the guard room window, and a knife to cut a window rotten, old man admonished his space, he is forced directly to a knife, cut down. Lee then directly returned home. Nearby residents immediately report to the police, Jujube City Public Security Bureau police investigation to find Lee, Lee confessed everything, then was arrested. Lee confessed that night he and his friends drinking, after riding a motorcycle and his fiancee home, but the guard took power door lock, leaving only a small let pedestrians and motorcycles go, he felt inconvenient, and the quarrel. After forensic identification, the severity of the injury to the elderly two. Lee is 32 years old, junior high school culture, October 2012 was to disturb the crime by the Jujube City People’s court sentenced to imprisonment for seven months. Yesterday, Lee was arrested on suspicion of intentional injury Jujube City Procuratorate approved the arrest. Recommended news Enshi Grand Canyon to build the world’s longest sightseeing elevator a total length of 688 meters outside the three ring low average national property market turnover between the 16 projects into the market of Wuhan love to parent-child attractions many domestic popular scenic spots of Wuhan East District limiting "9· 9" large jewellery theft cracked two days before the National Day in the East rain 3 days sunny temperature on 30 DEG C相关的主题文章: