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A man come to the debt cut failed anti face cut injury disfigured Herald News (reporter Li Darong) "help, someone chopping up people!" Come to the debt failed, Fanzao other knife chopped bloodshed. In September 22nd, 20 o’clock, in Longyan Xinluo District Shanshui residential area, this bloody scene happened. Yesterday, the Herald reporter repeatedly twists and turns, and finally contacted the victim Mr. Tong, he is from Zhangping. He said, last year, he bought a house in the landscape Hua Ting District, due to economic tension, the pressure for the month, in January this year, through the intermediary to sell the house to lai. Owed 21 million yuan 1629, the two sides agreed to pay in March this year, laimou has been evasive. In June this year, the court ruled on this matter, requiring Lai within 10 days to pay the sum of money owed and liquidated damages. However, laimou or dodge not to pay back the money, the phone is not connected, people can not find. Today, mother is ill waiting for the money operation, in desperation, Mr. Tong had come dunning. Before the incident, Mr. Tong couples with 3 year old daughter, sick mother to urge repayment. Shortly after entering the door, the two sides had a verbal conflict. In the meantime, the other side of the 3 year old child picked up, went to the attic, threatening to throw children. After putting down the child, the other side picked up 2 kitchen knives and rushed to Mr. Tong’s family. Mr. Tong consciously with the body to block the left hand, cut a knife, cut face disfigured, bloodshed. At present, the local police have been involved in the investigation. In this regard, Shanghai Ming Tai (Xiamen) lawyer Lin Rongping said, the court ruling, the other party refused to perform, Mr. tong can apply to the court for compulsory execution, through the auction of other assets to repay. Debt debt, mainly to protect themselves, to avoid conflict, through various channels of debt. (Strait Herald (micro-blog)) video: brother to seize property burglary cut brother of a family of 5 daughter brother narrowly escaped to seize property burglary cut brother of a family of 5 daughter was nearly >

一男子上门要债未果反被砍 脸部被砍伤毁容导报讯(记者 李大荣)“救命啊,有人拿刀砍人了!”上门要债未果,反遭对方用菜刀砍伤,鲜血淋漓。9月22日20时许,在龙岩新罗区山水华庭小区内,发生了这血腥的一幕。昨日,导报记者几经周折,最终联系上了受害者童先生,他是漳平人。他说,去年他在山水华庭小区买了一套房子,由于经济紧张,月供压力大,今年1月通过中介把房子卖给了赖某。对方欠了21万余元房款,双方约定今年3月付清,可赖某一直推托。今年6月份,法院对此事进行了判决,要求赖某在10日内支付尚欠的购房款及违约金。然而,赖某还是推托不还钱,最后电话也不接了,人也找不到。如今,母亲生病等着这笔钱手术,无奈之下,童先生只好上门催讨。事发前,童先生夫妇带着3岁女儿、生病老母上门催还款。刚进门没多久,双方就起了言语冲突。其间,对方将3岁小孩抱起,走上阁楼威胁要扔孩子。放下孩子后,对方又拿起2把菜刀,冲向童先生一家。童先生下意识用身体去挡,结果左手被砍了一刀,脸部也被砍伤毁容,鲜血淋漓。目前,当地警方已介入调查。对此,上海明泰(厦门)律师事务所律师林荣萍表示,法院判决生效后,对方拒不执行,当事人童先生可以向法院申请强制执行,通过拍卖对方资产得到偿还。要债时,债主要保护好自己,尽量避免冲突,通过多种渠道讨债。(海峡导报(微博))相关视频:亲弟弟为夺房屋产权入室砍人 哥哥一家5口险遭灭门 亲弟弟为夺房屋产权入室砍人 哥哥一家5口险遭灭门 >相关的主题文章: