A listed brokerage in August net profit down 10% Guotai Junan revenues of 1 billion 500 million yuan-lformat

A shares of listed firms in August net profit down 10% Guotai Junan revenues of 1 billion 500 million yuan to lead Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest out 60 million sources: wind information as of the evening of September 7th, A shares of 25 listed firms in August earnings data disclosed after. Wind information statistics show that calculated by the parent caliber, 25 brokerages in August total operating income of 14 billion 633 million yuan, a decline of $7.06%, net profit attributable to the parent company of $6 billion 133 million, the chain fell by 10.02%. From the operating income, in August 25 brokerages operating income of over $1 billion or more, compared with an increase of 1 in July. 7 brokerages are: Guotai Junan (1 billion 535 million), CITIC Securities (1 billion 329 million), Guoxin Securities (1 billion 239 million), GF Securities (1 billion 181 million), Huatai Securities (1 billion 118 million), China Merchants Securities (1 billion 30 million), Haitong Securities (1 billion 18 million). Among them, China Merchants Securities successfully entered the 1 billion club, and in one fell swoop to go beyond Haitong Securities, CITIC Securities revenue, net profit is a substantial decline in the top position. In August a total of 10 firms operating income growth, the larger increase is up to 79.35%; the Pacific Securities, Guoyuan securities times, 35.39%; the other 10% increase in brokerage and Guoxin Securities, Shanxi securities and Soochow securities. From the net profit in August, 25 brokerage net profit attributable to the parent company of 7 is: Guotai Junan, CITIC Securities, Guoxin Securities, GF Securities, Huatai Securities, China Merchants Securities, Haitong Securities, net profit in more than 400 million. Then Shenwan Hong, Societe Generale Securities 202 million yuan 389 million yuan. Other brokerage net profit of less than 200 million yuan. From the net profit growth point of view, the Pacific Securities, the state securities net profit growth faster, respectively 400% and 69.57%; Shenwan Hong and Guoxin Securities growth rate surpassed 30%; Soochow securities and investment securities, the growth rate of over 20%. Orient Securities, Southwest Securities, CITIC Securities and Western securities net profit were a substantial decline, down 80.55%, respectively, 79.80%, 43.59% and 43.45%. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: