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A few strokes teach you to buy a used car! Please click the following video auto – Sohu! Today, to help you to help us to use a car appraiser, to give you up posture. Q: can you tell us what kind of car belongs to the accident car? Answer: if a car accident caused serious structural components of the car, such as rails, suspension system, body frame, the important part of deformation and damage, this is the car accident, this car because the safety coefficient is greatly reduced, can not buy cheap. There is a water car, this also belongs to a car accident, certainly can not buy. Q: how should we distinguish the accident car? Answer: accident car, is to see the details. Must be looking at the details. The first four swirl, the suspension system and the frame is the connection place, this is one of the few places on the car hard, if this break, the accident is certainly not small, but this is for people who are not good repair. The easiest way is to look at the tires and wheel cover the distance on both sides of the door, comparison, not too much. If you take a box ruler, you can open the machine cover, take the box ruler to measure the distance from the front to the headlight. The data measured on both sides should be the same, or error within 5 mm, are considered normal. Of course, some 10 years old car, the error may be larger. And open the lid of the machine, you can also see that this is not a regular spiral, there is no sheet metal or welding. Second see the front part of the main beam, look at the head, is the front longitudinal beam, which is one of the hardest place on the car, if the front suffered severe impact, the deformation of the beam head, the engine must generate displacement, and the airbag are generally freaked out. How to see this one? Of course, the best lifting machine. But in general, a lot of cars are to see you really want to buy, or pay a deposit to you on the machine. If you open the machine cover directly, look down, if the engine compartment layout is not so compact, you can see a part of the longitudinal beam, it is not standard, there is no overall fold, there is no welding. See there is no paint off or is not consistent. If you stand up, you can see it and other parts have no traces of repair, there is no solder joints. Then start from the firewall, to the inside, on both sides of the wing until the water tank frame in a circle, you can hand stroking, it is not neat, without sheet metal, welding, such as those of the wing screws have no displacement or repainted. Then look at each of the components inside the sealant is not complete. Q: it is finished with longitudinal suspension, how to see that you just said body? Answer: This is mainly to see ABC column. First look at the door switch is not smooth. And then look around the sealant strip gap, is not tight, consistent. Then is to see the glass is not changed, if ABC had hit the glass column, basically have to change. What do you think? Each corner of the original glass should have a car brand logo, as well as production!相关的主题文章: