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A company has been investigated for one year is still stealing gas near the middle school was a strange problem, according to the "labor daily" reported that the campus often smell, teachers and students after the body has been unwell. By the environmental protection department investigation found that companies illegal emissions of volatile organic gases may cause nearby, and issued a decision to immediately stop the punishment. However, nearly a year later, Qingpu District, the parents of the school to reflect the issue of the current hot news hotline has not solved the problem. In this regard, the Qingpu District Environmental Protection Bureau said that one of the companies refused to implement the decision to stop production emissions, the next step will be to restart administrative penalties. Schools and parents have repeatedly complained of dizziness, cough, but also cause lung discomfort in the Phoenix Creek Middle School, many teachers and students have such experience. A teacher said, some time ago smell strong, tonsil inflammation, cough, headache, uncomfortable. The student said: "sometimes, I feel dizzy when I write." Why there is such an adverse reaction, the suspect object to the school near the densely distributed chemical enterprises. In the south of the school, the distribution of a large number of factories, from time to time there are smoke out. According to the teacher, not only the vicinity of a large painting plant, a small plastic factory, there are many. Affected by the wind direction, the waste gas discharged from the factories is directly to the campus. In November last year, the school had to smell strong had to suspend outdoor activities. In this case, some of the students poor resistance because of unbearable only stayed at home. There are a number of teachers, physical examination found some problems. To this end, the school and parents repeatedly complained to the relevant departments. In October last year, the District Environmental Protection Bureau of sewage treatment. A person involved in the enterprise is still in the process of nearly 10 months after the start, there are parents yesterday to reflect the smell of this newspaper is still there. To this end, the reporter made contact with the Qingpu district environmental protection bureau. The staff said that the source of odor is mainly in the middle of the south of the high school industrial point. After further investigation, determine which 3 emissions enterprises, respectively "Shanghai Leary Furniture Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" "Leary"), "Shanghai Sheng Teng Printing Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Sheng Teng ") and" Shanghai Rongsheng coating Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Rong Sheng"). In October last year, according to the law of the 3 companies made a cut-off administrative penalties, and impose a fine of $75 thousand and $85 thousand. After the decision of administrative punishment has 6 months of reconsideration and litigation. In the meantime, Leary and Teng Sheng in the relevant departments of supervision, has been discontinued by the end of March this year. But the Rongsheng punishment ignored, neither filed for reconsideration, nor execute the punishment decision, Qingpu District Environmental Monitoring detachment staff said. In April this year, the Council will be transferred to the local court to carry out the enforcement of rong. Then got the notice of the court, which has forced Rongsheng through judicial means to the implementation of the administrative penalty results. "But the reality is that the environmental protection agency staff found that the company is still secretly started, and steal exhaust gas". Reporters call Rongsheng phone company, no answer. Related information shows that the business license is valid for the period July 1997 to 2017 due to the current normal qualifications. Or restart the administrative penalty investigation has been issued for the suspension of punishment of enterprises相关的主题文章: