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Comment: climbing, more than double ninth in the military? – Military – people.com.cn Gambara grounded for more than 20 years "Wang veteran Wang Shengquan in early September nine Chung Yeung Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival, the earliest can be traced back to the Warring States period, there are many" climb "out of town" Reunion "of" respecting the customs ". So, the military Chongyang ever? This year, this double ninth, biancha cornel but one person. For soldiers, each Chongyang, not filial often regret in my heart, but that "sorry" is always the tongue. Because, since one difficult co-existence, mission in the shoulder is not. Before joining the army is Chongyang, multigenerational foresight, are brothers and sisters gathered is biancha Mastixia, taste the canopy is bait, drinking chrysanthemum wine, with our sweet scented osmanthus cake. But since put on the military uniform, on the choice of the responsibility and the distance, the knees of filial piety, share the Chung Yeung became expect their hearts. In the homeland loving gaze, Grandpa back trembling is bent, grandma wrinkles layers filled with thoughts, I do not know when the little frost climbed their temples. Three years, seven or eight, half life…… Tree rings quietly growth, I do not know how to be blessed by the presence of what year, they can only put this guilt for safekeeping, deeply buried. Military dictionary, only sacrifice and protect our homes and defend our country. After all, the sweat China achievements dream, youth paved the road to revival. They spent in the Gambara Chongyang, the 5374 meter summit. Here, the scope of activities beyond a football field, turn over the hill can not see a trace of green. Due to hypoxia Gaoyuanhong, chapped by the cold hands, due to lack of water and dry lips, there are bloodshot eyes, has become the unique plateau soldiers "label", but they all over the sky never been closed, either a mosquito can half a step into the border. They spent in Gobi Chongyang, no human habitation. A few years his efforts, even his wife did not know their track, but they cast out the weighing country, let the evil pretender trembling panic. They spent in Chongyang, tempestuous waves of the ocean. The shame, like a huge The imprint is engraved on my heart., thorn, deep into their hearts. The hardships, make efforts, when the country ships cruising in international waters escort, when "Liaoning" to complete the blue dream of a hundred years, when the "thunder growling flying shark off when they show a hitherto unknown confidence, take it leisurely and unoppressively. They spent in all-powerful Chongyang, the sky. "Black ribbon" flight, "roc" column, space exploration…… Every nine days, the sky sword fighting all over the world envy chasing eyes. They are ready to battle with me, with my win, have my invincible sword unsheathing. The military’s image, is straight uniform, resolute face, strong pace and broad shoulders. Since the choice of the uniform, long selection in the heart of the stick, determined, in the lonely in the dedication of practice — reunion, the motherland peace, for them, is the best Chongyang, the most beautiful poetry from afar. (Yin Wu)相关的主题文章: