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A color change from Yang Mi variety identity as amazing lip lead: when the domestic reality show blossom everywhere, when tepid star after joining the reality show worth rise, freaky almighty power power but has yet to appear in reality, but recently announced the "real man" in season second we have added, large power power, it is to be a true man "to look at this posture"! (source: Ruili nets) real man real man power power give people the feeling is always small for feeling, prettily became the voice of Indoorsman nirvana, did not expect the first time to show even "real man", see the beauty face, every minute into recruiting image, staged the large power power also give it a tough guy look beautiful dress on weekdays, and a clear foundation is the best boy dressed up, and lips chose the most popular brown tone, cool feeling to the large power power off the skin more white. Yang Mi said one of the large power power is Chunzhuang stunt head, all kinds of color can let her live in HOLD, this is not just the end of the bazaar Charity Night Mimi with autumn hot grapefruit color in the red carpet ceremony, the color is white with color, can make the skin more glossy eyes, and on the same color eye shadow makeup with a trendier power power was officially launched! Yang Mi lip color change only the large power power is so capricious, red velvet texture with velvet lip makeup, elegant goddess fan HOLD audience, also recently provided one of the bright star red skin color have great love, do not need too much modification of a red lipstick can make your aura open. Note that red lipstick color is full when the smear can choose to use a brush to operate, control lines can better fluency. Yang Mi with the orange brown tone is not looks more elegant, a lip shades of brown tune is the autumn and winter of 2016 more popular, HOLD live and brown power power as clever choose brown orange makeup, as long as the net through the eyes and tend to blush, as long as a brown orange nude make-up can help you take the eye, generous and say is you! Yang Mi with the bare brown tone color is OL for the color, the color in the workplace can give a person a kind of elegant feeling and not feel cold high distance, but the highest level in the workplace! Whether white or coffee are suitable for color, as long as you don’t want to be the devil wears Prada then this color is most suitable for you! The large power power Yang Mi amazing lip color first to see pink pink, with the standard on the same color of blush is not let her instant promotion for the peach blossom pink girl, this is really white woman can manage, if it is not exaggerated yellow eye makeup collocation may seem "soil" feeling. The large power power is fair and good foundation, nature is what color will be nothing difficult.相关的主题文章: