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A car glass theft in Hebei a man was arrested in 15 cases of crime – zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Langfang on 25 August, (Song Mintao Ji Taoran Xie Yong) Hebei province Guangyang Langfang City Public Security Bureau said on 25, after nearly half a month of the tracks, Guangyang police recently uncovered the theft of car goods involving a series of cases. More than 50 yuan, and arrested the suspect zhao. According to police, the morning of August 1st, a district of Guangyang District spate hit the car theft case of automobile glass items, a large number of high-grade tobacco, watches, jewelry, cash stolen, mass loss serious, strong social repercussions. Guangyang police quickly set up a task force on the matter. Through the information on the scene of the investigation, the police determined that the day of the occurrence of a number of cases are a young man. The man was driving a white motorcycle, carrying a large number of items to a district of Anci, a unit of the building. Police quickly to the unit 54 residents visited the investigation, but did not find a suspicious situation. After several days of careful investigation Mopai work, the panel found that the suspect has a dens in the vicinity of a factory in Langfang, and in August 15th 13 and arrested the suspect zhao. At the same time, in their rented room on the spot and seized a large number of high-grade tobacco, Chinese herbal medicine, 1 pieces of white marble and jade 1 gold necklace, the crime seized motorcycle 1. After interrogation, the suspect Zhao on August 1st implementation of the series of car theft cases confessed. The ad hoc group analysis, the suspect modus operandi skill, strong anti reconnaissance capability, is likely to be a crime from criminal. Since the police immediately found out in 2015, Guangyang, Anci district has more than the use of the slingshot hit the car glass car theft cases of things, modus operandi and in August 1st the same series of cases. The ad hoc group of police interrogation was increasing trial digging efforts, in the face of irrefutable evidence, since Zhao confessed in 2015, Guangyang District of Anci hit the car glass using a slingshot goods vehicle theft and theft in fourteen cases of basement of high-grade tobacco case, involving a total of more than 50 yuan of the crime. At present, the suspect Zhao Guang Yang branch has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: