A Canadian Chinese granny for a sick neighbor cooking – Beijing moved a large number of people-oboni

A Canadian Chinese granny for a sick neighbor cook moved large numbers of people – the new network [global network reported] according to the U.S. "quartz" website reported on September 17th, a personal article published this week by a Canadian newspaper widely spread, the article tells the story of an old lady from Chinese to cook for sick Canada the neighbors’ affairs. The article said that the story is so popular is because it is a simple matter, but the transfer is human friendly, but there is a notable political background, some critics have accused China investors pushed up local prices. The author of the story is Maurice, 81, who grew up in wartime Britain and now lives in Vancouver, Anji. Maurice described her with its neighbor — a 68 year old woman China’s daily life, the old lady Chinese daughter in Shanghai, she came to Canada to take care of grandchildren. At the beginning of the article, "my doorbell rang at 11 a.m.. In front of the door stood an old lady of China, she was very thin, she was holding a little boy in one hand and a paper shopping bag in the other. The boy is afraid to shrink back, because my yellow Labrador is trying to greet him warmly. I know this lady. She’s not the first time. She was the boy’s grandmother, and her daughter bought the big house next door in October." In the article, the Chinese wife (Maurice calls her "warm") has been regularly giving Maurice meals: soup, rice, vegetables, meat or shrimp, and pancakes. Wen’s daughter told her that Maurice was going to have a heart operation, so she decided to cook for her neighbors, even if she could not communicate with her neighbors. Wen can only speak Chinese, Maurice’s Chinese is limited to "hello". Eventually, they through the iPad, so that the daughter of Wen as a translator, the two can be simple communication. On one occasion, Maurice stood in front of the temperature, the empty plate and hot water bottle to her, this matter let the temperature is very panic, she immediately took the hand of the Maurice will escort home. Maurice wrote: "she felt I was too weak to do this, and even though I tried to make her change her mind, she insisted on sending me home. I am very worried, because I am higher than her, if I fall, she will be pulled to the ground." The article wrote. "This is what we, from different countries, with different life experiences of the two grandmothers, we will not speak each other’s language, but this does not affect our communication. My doorbell rings on time every day, Wen will hold a familiar kraft paper bag, give me a big smile." This article is popular in Canadian social media, and their friendship has become a symbol of a broader connection between people. One commenter said: "in this world, most people just want to live a good life. I’m from old Ireland, and I know the conflict…… But the problem is that most human nature is good, they only hope that children grow up in peace, like Canada, can provide a sense of security of the country." Reported that, due to the large number of Chinese people to buy a house to push up prices in cities such as Vancouver, Canada, which makes some readers of the article相关的主题文章: