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919 fans Festival another free hardware storm   LETV mobile phone 0 yuan purchase seckill, people.com.cn communication channel, people.com.cn August 30, 2016, LETV announced that it will open again 919 fans festival". According to the music as ecological O2O sales platform President Zhang Zhiwei said, "in 2016 919 electric fans Festival" will be from September 1st to September 19th for 19 days, involving mobile phone TV, smart accessories, etc. all categories of products and a variety of new products, including mobile phone version of the music as a super Grand track as well as the current popular models will participate in this event, users can the purchase of 9.19 yuan of new members to send mobile phone, seckill activities. This year 919 fans festival activities will be further upgraded, involving more products, more concessions and preferential. In addition, in order to meet the fans more convenient and affordable price to buy music products. This year "919 fans Festival" also enhanced line channel efforts to achieve full online and offline channels to participate in, to create multi-dimensional ecological music festival. Buy a membership of 0 yuan to send LETV mobile phone, explosive goods every day seckill in media communication in August 30th, LETV ecological O2O sales platform, President Zhang Zhiwei said that the 919 fans festival will continue until 919, 414 activities in the "buy music as members to send mobile phone activities, users only need to buy a certain number of years LETV membership can obtain the designated mobile phone at present, sales of popular music 2 le 2 Pro Le Max2 will participate. According to reports, each year to buy music as a member of the super film, music dimension, music as sports members can get the hardware relief 300 yuan, $100, $400 to $0, the final realization of the hardware free. Currently, the music has a wealth of film and television, homemade drama content resources, but also has the Premier League as well as exclusive super, national sports resources, such as the top twelve users. Users simply through the purchase of services, not only access to services can get the ultimate hardware. During the event will also launch a daily limit of 9.19 yuan of explosive mobile phone spike activity, the user can see the music as the mall’s most popular music as a super mobile phone. In addition, the specified models only 50 yuan deposit can be over 100 yuan, buy music as a super mobile phone users have the opportunity to get the ecological package. In order to repay more fans and users only need to share the interaction with the chance to win 19 yuan LETV mall general audience tickets, which can be used to purchase music as mall merchandise. 919 fans Festival 800 million welfare over the past year, another free hardware in 2015 919 fans Festival, with a total of 500 million yuan LETV welfare will create 919 fans Festival comparable to the United States before Thanksgiving crazy black Friday shopping carnival. Data show that in September 19th the fans Festival total sales of 1 billion 700 million yuan, intelligent hardware 1 million 100 thousand, super 355 thousand TV, super mobile phone 572 thousand, and even the industry record breaking number. And this year’s 414 hardware free day, the music, as well as creating amazing results. Activity 10 points in the morning, total sales of $910 million, including music as a member of revenue of $790 million. 2 pm, music as ecological sales相关的主题文章: