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After pregnancy, the 9 places will change – Sohu mother and daughter will be a lot of mothers will be found because of the arrival of the child, his body in every part of the quietly changing…… Then we talk about what changes. 1, hand pregnancy hormone, intercellular water increased, so your hands will be swollen; uterine compression main vein, excess liquid discharge is blocked, sometimes the body will become swollen. Especially on the verge of production before, can do some massage hands very helpful in production after 5 days of swelling. So you don’t have to worry about it. 2, hair after pregnancy estrogen secretion, hair will grow more hair will look more lush; and the secretion of estrogen and stimulate the male hormone secretion, promote hair growth. Basically, after production, excess hair will fall off. 3, the spine after pregnancy overstretchable abdominal lose support of lumbar, and the weight of the baby will put more pressure to the lumbar vertebrae, plus ligament relaxation, spinal instability changes in progesterone action, so mothers always feel the waist especially acid. In addition, the increase in the weight of the breasts also put more pressure on the cervical spine, so expectant mothers always feel very sour neck. Basically after the birth of the child will be restored. Proper exercise can help to restore normal physiological curvature of the spine. 4 eyes, pregnant mothers body circulation velocity, eye edema, congestion easily. So the mothers must ensure that the sleep time, and before going to bed drink. In addition, hormonal fluctuations also lead to thickening of the retina, contact lenses will feel particularly uncomfortable, the baby will return to normal after six months. So expectant mothers do not wear contact lenses when pregnant, you can consult a doctor to choose the appropriate eye drops. 5, the effect of breast fertility hormones, breast in pregnancy 4 ~ 6 weeks after the start and become more sensitive, the total weight can be increased to about 800 grams. Increase in weight and the dual role of progesterone, elongated breast ligament and fibrous tissue, so you will feel the sagging breasts, expectant mothers to buy a specific underwear. Some mothers breast may also appear blue veins reticulate, this is normal. 6, the relaxation of the role of progesterone on the vascular wall of the foot to make the valve closed enough to affect the flow of blood to the heart, so there will be varicose veins. A lot of time will lead to expectant mothers feel headache, occurred in the rectum cause hemorrhoids. The method of prevention is to drink plenty of water, from time to time to change the position, such as not to sleep on the back, do not cross legs when sitting, toilet time is not too long, at the same time, if sedentary, you can also put the calf pad high. 7, many mothers have a baby skin after the skin smooth and delicate, but also a part of the mothers will have brown pregnancy spots, then the face was spotted color will deepen, but after the birth of the baby will disappear. Expectant mothers can often eat some foods rich in vitamin A. At the same time, the skin is stretched too much to leave the stretch marks, mothers can be used to take相关的主题文章: