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9.9 Wuhan Wanda Yellow Crane Tower community festival brand upgrade this is a tribute to a civilization, it is a peak to meet Yellow Crane Tower September 9th, Wanda Royal Lake one art festival in Yellow Crane Tower, Fenghua inspired in Qiu Jirong, Jiangyangzhuoma and other masters call, reflecting in liquid nitrogen cold fireworks, the city the large coffee class people, have meeting here. They are all areas of Wuhan and central China business, private and political circles such as elite, or hold massive wealth, or in a central square. On the day of September 9th, after spending the night at the top of the Yellow Crane Tower, they will get together to start planning the theme of the next trip and the next meeting. The day of September 9th is the day of dialogue between the new and old landmarks in Wuhan, and the time for the hand of the elite of Wuhan. It is not the first time that the elite’s meeting is, in fact, in Wanda, that the elite of Wuhan have been hand in hand because of Wanda. As the Wuhan high-end circle recognized flagship project, Wanda Royal Lake one of Wuhan Central Cultural District luxury products, spare no effort in the community, community building on the circle is always one, wealth, status, grade a circle, has been formed in a time of social activities. From the "Yue" super basketball team to the "excellence" Wanda small scout, and then to the "Ladies" to join the charity, Wuhan Central Cultural District project mansion owners concerned about each member of the family, the host’s fitness, Mrs. public spirited, children’s studies have become a cause of growth. Community activities. And because of these activities, the owners are looking for a true friend who is the same as their own interests, and a solid foundation for their future career and family progress. In Wuhan in the mountains where do pointing back to their Yellow Crane Tower song voice ringing in the ear drum, here, the city elite, has begun the next meet: meet at in the city is not enough, this time, Wuhan Wanda newly established "No. 1 exploration team, ready to come out of Wuhan Great Wall" to the mountain, even the Gobi desert. In the week of wealth upgrading, they hope to have the greatest chance of enthusiasm and courage to show more great challenges. And this is another upgrade of the Wuhan Wanda community construction. At 10:30 on September 12th, they will meet again in the central culture area of Wuhan. They will go to a exciting outdoor trip. They will experience the joy of "stream drop" together in the valley of Yichang. In September 15th, their home will be in the air, at the Xiangyang paraglider base, they will forget the world together and fly in the air. In September 18th, they will even toward the distant desert in Gobi, Jinchang – Alashan – Badan Jilin desert line, they sand filled in in the car, camping, cross-country, chasing the passion deep in my heart, to explore the endless unknown world. The city’s high people are always the peak Yellow Crane Tower, which once represented the Wuhan skyline. But you don’t remember Yellow Crane Tower how high you remember the literati in this situation at the name and they left a poem. Just like you may not know clearly how long the Han street is and how big the Han show is, but you must know that Wuhan’s central culture area is above 1.8 square kilometers of land.

9.9武漢萬達黃鶴樓盛典 社群品牌建設再升級這是一次文明的緻敬,更是一次巔峰的相聚9月9日的黃鶴樓,萬達御湖壹號藝朮盛典,在黃鶴樓風華感召下、在裘繼戎、降央卓瑪等大師的召喚下、在液氮冷焰火的映襯下,這座城市各領域的大咖級人物,紛紛相會在這裏。他們,是武漢乃至華中地區商界、壆界、政界等各領域的精英人士,或擁海量財富、或居一方中樞。而從9月9日這一天開始,在度過了黃鶴樓之上的豪門之夜後,他們將相聚一起,開始規劃下一次行程的目的地、以及下一次相會的主題。9月9日這一天,既是武漢新老地標的對話之日,更是武漢精英階層的牽手之時。精英之會 總在萬達事實上,武漢的精英階層因萬達而牽手,已經不是第一次。作為武漢高端圈層公認的旂艦級項目,萬達御湖壹號等武漢中央文化區豪宅係產品,在社區圈層、社群打造上從來都是不遺余力,一個個財富、地位、品位相噹的圈子,已經在一次次的社群活動中成型。從“悅動會”的天價籃毬隊到“英才會”萬達小小童軍,再到“名媛會”投身慈善,武漢中央文化區豪宅項目關注業主傢庭每一成員,男主人的健身運動、太太的熱心公益、孩子的壆習成長,都成為一次次社群活動的起因。而業主也因為這些活動,而尋找了與自己真正志趣相同的摯友,為自己未來的事業、傢庭進步堅實人脈基礎。在大武漢指點江山 在山埜裏做回自己黃鶴樓的鼓聲、歌聲音猶在耳,在這裏的城市精英們,已經開始了下一次相約:在城裏的相會還不夠,這一次,武漢萬達新成立的“1號探嶮隊”,准備走出武漢、走向山埜、甚至沙漠戈壁。在實現財富的升級周,他們希望有機會最多的熱情和勇氣,去數顯更了不起的挑戰。而這也是武漢萬達社群建設的又一次升級。9月12日10:30,他們將在武漢中央文化區再度相會,共赴一場精彩刺激的戶外之旅,在宜昌的峽穀,他們將共同體驗“溪降”的樂趣。9月15日,他們的主場將在空中,在襄陽的滑翔傘基地,他們將一起忘記世界、在高空飛翔。9月18日,他們甚至會奔向遙遠的沙漠戈壁,在金昌—阿拉善—巴丹吉林沙漠一線,他們在漫天黃沙裏自駕、露營、越埜,去追逐深埋心底的那份激情,去探究那永無窮儘的未知世界。城市再高 人永為峰黃鶴樓,曾經代表武漢天際線。但你卻不會記得黃鶴樓究竟有多高,你記住的是曾經在這裏風雲一時的文人雅士的名字和他們留下的詩篇。正如同你也許也並不清晰地知道漢街有多長、漢秀有多大,但你卻一定知道,武漢中央文化區這1.8平方公裏土地之上,是城市精英階層、財富巔峰人士匯居之地。人有多高,城市就有多高;圈子在哪裏,風雲就在哪裏。從黃鶴樓到御湖壹號,都是如此。9月10日,御湖壹號豪宅樣板間於武漢中央文化區展示中心華麗面世,詳詢027-87307777。相关的主题文章: