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80% of users believe that the luxury brand – Fashion – people.com.cn original title: LV is still the upstart wealth latest advertising 80% users that LV is still the upstart wealth luxury brand figure to be users of evil LV, material from the fashion magazine "bazaar" in the November blockbuster Guo Degang. Social media: it’s a real headache for luxury brands. Today, a material from "bazaar" magazine spoof users are the latest ad LV caused controversy in Sina micro-blog and WeChat circle of friends, and quickly spread in a large amount, in the movies, comic actor Guo Degang interpretation of the realistic "nouveau riche in the film, the upstart image", are in the news the domestic social media based on the data of the survey found that more than 80% of the netizens think this is consistent with the brand image of LV, is really advertising can also be not at all surprising. Social media is a double-edged sword. Social media can bring high exposure to luxury brands, to brand in a negative spiral, with the development of social media gives consumers have the right to freedom of expression, and to share their views and opinions, there is no doubt that luxury brands face negative social media exposure or spoof, will also accelerate the killing of consumers the brand. Some netizens pointed out that the large LV cooperation to express what, is this the conclusion of the study of the Chinese market after the LV market, now luxury is no longer a luxury. There are friends ridicule in view of the influence of Guo Degang pointed out that the north is the main market for LV. However, because the magazine did not start selling, it is not clear whether LV commercial sponsorship of the blockbuster film. Until now, LV Chinese official did not disclose the existence of cooperation between the large with Guo Degang and "bazaar". Spoof users are LV advertising and the rapid spread of social media virus, shooting the large photographer Chen very helpless, she replied: "look at micro-blog users masterpiece, I was going to quit." President of fashion group, "bazaar" editor of the magazine somans this large group is very satisfied with the performance, she in micro-blog said: "this is the fashion field". 10 years ago, because of consumer information asymmetry, commonly known as the nouveau riche domestic affluent clothing collocation and temperament could not keep up with the localization of LV, let LV put a "upstart" and "no taste" label. Some analysts said that the large Guo Degang deduction in social media communication will be a blow to LV, LV over the years has been trying to get rid of the domestic flamboyant upstart label, seeking to become rich taste and become an independent school brand image, but this incident once again let the user feel the past 10 years, LV is still an upstart the image didn’t change. LV always wanted to remove behind the upstart label is continued to hit the domestic economic slowdown, the turmoil in the stock market and the anti-corruption policy in recent years, more and more consumer nouveau riche continue to decline, such as the Shanxi coal bosses have spend money like water, in recent years due to the coal industry into a serious downturn, the day is difficult. The blind expansion of LV also cater to the nouveau riche 10 years ago was a bitter pill to swallow, following the end of last year)相关的主题文章: