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UnCategorized Taking care of your health requires more than just making an annual visit to your primary care physician. When it .es to taking care of yourself it is also imperative that you take time to have your vision assessed each year as well. Many people assume that because their medical doctor looks in their eyes and does a cursory eye exam and has you read an eye chart that if they say you are good to go then your vision is fine but many times this is not the case. Your eyes are vital organs and when it .es to assessing your eyes it is important to make sure that you visit someone who specializes in this specific region of the body. After all, not only can an eye doctor assess your vision more accurately but they can also assess all the muscles and nerves that are helping to move your eyes up and down and all around. When it .es to your eyes it is not just a question of your vision but there are also many different diseases that can be diagnosed by assessing a person’s eyes, making annual visit to the eye doctor potentially life saving. There are two types of eye doctors in practice and they are the ophthalmologists, who have a full medical degree and a specialization in the eyes and the optometrists who have an extensive amount of education and training but do not hold a full-four year medical degree. Both are revered professionals in the care of the eyes and essentially there is little difference in the types of degrees when it .es to the issue of patient care both are capable of prescribing eye glasses, contact lenses, and corrective lenses for a variety of problems which include but are not limited to near sightedness, far sightedness, astigmatism, myopia, and presbyopia just to name a few. In addition to the regular treatment of vision problems both types of eye doctors can handle a variety of eye problems and health issues. When selecting an eye doctor it is important to make sure that they hold a degree in either optometry or ophthalmology and that they are licensed in the region in which they are practicing. Since these physicians hold your vision and overall health in their hands it is wise just as when selecting any other type of medical professional to care for your family that you select someone that you trust. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: