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Skullis is a producer of fine and elegant crystal skulls and skull jewellery crafted from only the highest quality crystals and gemstones. Skullis has a working force of over 1 dozen extremely well skilled designers and artists to craft the most stunning designs to suit every persons tastes. They work with over 400 types of semi precious stones, rocks, gemstones and crystals sourced from the best sites in a large quantity of countries, such as South Africa, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Madagascar, Russia , China and so forth just to ensure the customer gets the stone or crystal he/she really loves. A mineral expert at Skullis spends most of his time sourcing and finding the amazing fancy stones worldwide. Now Skullis may have the largest variety of fancy stones in the world. What is a fancy stone? Skullis argues that a fancy stone must have at least one of the following characteristics: a)Having eye-catching/brilliant colors b)Having gorgeous pattern c)Transparent or translucent d)Having chatoyant or cat-eye effect e)Having some other unique and impressive characteristics It was carved and polished completely by hand and shows excellent quality. It was carved from a SOLID piece of stone. The high-gloss polish puts the perfect finishing touch on this impressive skull. Crystal skulls have been revered around the world for centuries. From deep in the past when they graced the palaces of emperors, the thrones of kings, and the work places of scholars, sages, doctors, and philosophers, right up to contemporary times, crystal skulls have proven their worth to those of us that search the world for beauty, that enquire for greater knowledge, that hope to heal life’s hurts, and that dare to ponder the universe. Carved from minerals, the very bones of our planet, crystal skulls combine the beauty of nature with the art and craftsmanship of man. These minerals were birthed by the Earth Mother eons before humankind existed. Singled out worldwide by Skullis, they are usually the finest precious and semi-precious gemstones, sparkling rock crystals, or brilliantly-colored rocks. The Skull, long regarded as the very home of knowledge, wisdom, and soul, forms the ultimate bridge. A bridge that links our own conscious perception of our physical presence with what is considered the unknown. A crystal skull conveys information, it transmits energy, and it provides the power to create healing, harmony, and insight, thus becoming an exquisite spiritual ally and an informative friend. Crystal skulls are widely used in self-healing, psychic protection, spiritual awakening, dream work and meditation. Crystal skulls are well known playing critical roles in these activities. Besides these advanced uses, crystal skulls have some good ordinary uses. For example, being unique home/office/cafe/bar decoration, adding your crystal/gemstone/rock collection, being one-of-a-kind sculpture artworks, being special gifts and being good investment. Skullis offers the finest crystal skulls in the world. The workmanship of the work will stun you. Please just compare the quality of our works with the quality of ANY other crystal skulls you get elsewhere. We are sure you will draw your conclusion. The categories of crystal skulls available at Skullis include the following: Detachable, Realistic, Hollow, Alien, Singing, Wand or Point, Titan and Super Realistic skull designs. Skullis also offers customization design services to enable the customers get any designs that they may desire. In this you also get to pick the crystal of your choice. Crystal skull jewellery has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. People from all races and gender have finally embraced crystal skull jewellery as part of conventional ornamentation and not jewellery related to some dark forces or accustomed to the Gothic movement followers only. Crystal skull jewellery was for a long time related to the male gender but this misconception is now a thing of the past. The skull is now part of the female gender as much as it is for males. We have seen the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie photographed adorning articles of crystal skull jewellery. The main aspects that draw people towards crystal skull jewellery are that this form of ornamentation brings out the anti-conformist, independent, daredevil, and bold aspects of a person. You are bound to leave a long lasting impression on your friends, boss, parents and relatives when you adorn crystal skull jewellery. Skullis has a wide range of crystal skull jewellery in the categories of earrings, rings, pendants and buckles. These categories feature the Crystal Skulls made from different types of crystals, rocks, gemstones and semi precious stones. 相关的主题文章: