Dispelling Popular Carpet Cleaning Myths-caxa实体设计

Home-and-Family 1) A carpet only needs professional carpet cleaning when it looks dirty. No, it is important that you treat your carpets similar to your clothes, they need washing even if they dont look dirty. Carpets contain numerous things which are invisible to the naked eye, such as pollen, bacteria, allergens, dust and many other pollutants. Some of these contaminants can cause allergies and breathing difficulties, particularly if anyone in your household suffers from asthma. These contaminants are in your carpets whether you can see them or not, so it is essential that you receive professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis. 2) The more you clean your carpets, the quicker it will re-soil This is so wrong, and seems so ridiculous that we cant believe that it is actually a popular myth. If you receive professional and effective steam cleaning, your carpets should always be thoroughly rinsed once the cleaning has finished. This will actively prevent re-soiling rather than encourage it. A dirty carpet will always need replacing before one that receives regular steam cleaning. 3) Dry cleaning is just as good as steam cleaning You might have noticed that in the myth above we only mentioned steam cleaning. That is because this is the only method re.mended by all carpet manufacturers and industry bodies. Steam cleaning is preferred over dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning. These other methods are unable to effectively remove the dirt and contaminants from your carpets and can actually cause long term damage, and premature aging of your carpet. If you opt for one of these methods of steam cleaning, you could also be attracting re-soiling, which is probably where the above myth originated from. 4) The lowest quoted price is always the best value for money This is one myth which is not true unfortunately. Many professional carpet cleaning .panies actually lure in customers with outrageously low quotes, but then add on hundreds of pounds in charges resulting from unnecessary additional treatments. When looking for carpet cleaning, it is important that you establish whether the price quoted is the actual and final price you will pay. Reputable carpet cleaning .panies will be able to guarantee the price advertised or quoted, whereas others will use dirty sales techniques to pressure homeowners into purchasing extra treatments. Another tip is to check that the advertised price is for the service you actually want. For example, carpet cleaning .panies advertise at 4.99 per room, but this is for a basic shampoo, and they have misled the customer into thinking it is for a thorough steam cleaning. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: