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Automobiles Just when you have finally been able to buy that long awaited car it gets stolen, leaving you not only with a huge property loss, but also with the balance payments to be settled. Far-fetched as this may sound, the fact remains that there is an incident of auto theft almost every 40 seconds in the US! As per the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) , 794,616 vehicles were stolen in 2009 causing losses of almost $5.2 billion. Of these, only 12.4 percent could be cleared. Not surprisingly, TX and CA reported the largest number of cases of auto theft. The biggest misconception about auto theft is that thieves steal only new cars, so if you have an old one, you are safe. Thieves look for practicality and not necessarily luxury. Used cars, so many of them more than 10 years old, are mostly stolen for their parts, and can help make money faster, with lesser chances of being traced. While auto theft is not completely preventable, there are simple common sense measures you can take to prevent auto theft: Find a well lit area, which isn"t too lonely, to park your car . The more easily visible it is, lesser are the chances of someone tampering it. Lock your car and keep your keys with you when you step out of it to do some work. Though this sounds obvious, many people not only leave their keys in the car, but also keep the car running, while they step out for a few moments to do some work. Enough time for a lurker to slip in and drive away. Do not keep valuables in your car in open view. Laptops, cameras, GPS systems, handbags, all make you a more lucrative target for those looking to make a quick buck. A simple way to prevent auto theft is to keep valuables, in an inconspicuous place in your vehicle. Position your car so that it"s difficult to tow away . Since many cars are stolen by using heavy duty towing equipment, parking your car in such a way that it"s difficult to tow away is another simple way to prevent auto theft. If you are parked at a curb, turn your wheels towards the curb so that it takes time to maneuver the car out from there. When parking in a driveway, a front wheel car should be parked front first while a rear-wheeled drive should be backed into the parking lot. Be prepared just in case: Keep all records of your car at a secure place. Your VIN number, details of your car like make, model, color, detailed photographs of its interiors and exteriors, all should be kept for record purposes in your auto insurance file at home. These will come in very useful in case you become a victim of auto theft and need to make a claim. Always keep handy with you, a photocopy of your license, car registration and auto insurance card so you can provide relevant information quickly to authorities in case of a theft. Remove everything that contains any personal information about you. Bank statements, check books, debit/credit cards, and other crucial papers that can make you susceptible to identity theft should never be left in the car in your absence, even if the car is parked in your driveway. Buy the correct auto insurance coverage . Auto theft is covered by comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy. It"s a good idea to buy one. However keep in mind that your auto insurance company will settle your claim only according to the blue book value of your car, so you need to work out whether your car is worth paying insurance premiums for, or it would be cheaper for you to replace it out of your own pocket. If there are payments still pending on your car, buying gap insurance is a good idea, as it pays for the difference between your claim amount and what you owe to your loan institution in case of an auto theft. Your stolen car costs you much more than just a missing vehicle. You not only end up with a missing vehicle, but also need to pay the deductible if you are claiming from your insurance company; in most cases this gives rise to your auto insurance rates sooner or later. Other associated costs include, the cost of a rental vehicle, cost of time off from work, time dealt dealing with authorities like the police, your auto insurance company, State DMV etc. Taking some simple practical steps now can go a long way to prevent auto theft. Happy Driving! About the Author: Christoper Smith is a retired personal finance consultant, interested in adventure living. He loves to explore new places, people and cultures with his wife. He writes regularly during his travels; mostly on the road, from his trailer. His interest lies in the fields of finance and insurance [home, life and auto insurance] – his favorite subjects from the past. Article Published On: – Automobiles 相关的主题文章: