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Weight-Loss Overview The Gabriel Method is written by John Gabriel, who spent much of his adult life morbidly obese. On September 11th 2001 John was scheduled to be on one of the planes that were eventually hijacked. By twist of fate he ended up on another flight, and made a decision there and then to finally change his life and lose the weight. At the time he weighed over 400 lbs. Within 5 years we was down 170 lbs using the method described in his book. Gabriels Method is truly a holistic approach to weight loss. On the one hand he says that all diets dont work, and that his method does not involve dieting. On the other hand he advises you to eat a diet consisting almost entirely of vegetables nuts and fruits, and drinking wheat grass regularly. He says there are no forbidden foods, but then gives NLP mind techniques to over.e addictions to trouble foods. He delves deeply into how corrupted foods have be.e over the years causing people to get fat, but at the same time teaches how the mind can over.e material obstacles through visualization, similar to those in the book The Secret. Pros Fresh: Provides a new alternative look at weight loss, with unique ideas into the cause of obesity. Holistic: Attacks the problem of obesity from all angles, mind, body and soul. Cons Vague: He advises a non directional approach in which there are no foods you cant have, but at the same time doesnt really give a day by day plan to follow. Mixed Messages: As stated earlier there are philosophical inconsistencies in his diet that could leave people confused and frustrated. Bottom Line This book might prove to be a valuable and wel.e resource to the morbidly obese, who may suffer from deeper psychological wounds that could find healing within this program. For those 60 lbs overweight and under, this method might prove to make the problem greater than it really is. Most people are not .pletely out of control when it .es to food, they just lack structure and a proper education of what constitutes a healthy diet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: