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Guangdong Zengcheng a shop fire caused 1 deaths and 2 serious injuries caused by motorcycle burning Information Times News (reporter Zhou Weilong correspondent Xie Xuan) yesterday morning, 6:30, Zengcheng District, Xintang Town, West Village, West Village No. 378 Shop No. four, a fire occurred. After the accident, the public security and fire department immediately arrived at the scene disposal. 3 injured persons were rescued and 120 ambulances were sent to the hospital for treatment. According to the Xintang town government informed that, after preliminary investigation, the fire site is a 4 storey concrete frame building of the first floor shops, covering an area of about 20 square meters, burned area of about 2 square meters. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The Guangzhou Fire Department said the accident was mainly caused by the burning of 1 motorcycles, the big fire scene full-time team put out the fire, and rescue of 3 people, the 120 ambulance to the hospital. Xintang town government introduced 3 injured people sent to the hospital, due to inhalation of more smoke, the injury is serious, Xintang hospital from Nanfang Hospital deployed 4 experts for consultation. After full rescue, one of the injured Deng Moumou (male, 2 years old) died yesterday morning because of invalid treatment, declared dead. The other two injured Deng Moumou (male, 30 years old) and Mo Moumou (female, 28 years old) are still in the full treatment. After the accident, Zengcheng District Committee, the district government attaches great importance to the rescue of the injured, do a good job in the aftermath of the work, to carry out a comprehensive investigation of safety production. Xintang town immediately convened an emergency meeting, requiring Xintang hospital to rescue the wounded, arrange the relevant departments to appease the injured family members. Editor in chief: GDN007

广东增城一商铺起火致1死2重伤 由摩托车燃烧引起   信息时报讯 (记者 周伟龙 通讯员 消宣)昨日上午,6时30分,增城区新塘镇大敦村创业西路378号之四号商铺发生一起火灾。事故发生后,公安、消防部门立即到达现场处置。现场救出3名伤者,120救护车将伤者送至医院开展救治。   据新塘镇政府通报称,经初步调查,起火地点为一栋4层混凝土构架建筑的首层商铺,面积约20平方米,过火面积约2平方米。目前起火原因正在进一步调查。   广州消防部门称,事故主要是1辆摩托车燃烧引起,大敦消防专职队到场将火扑灭,并搜救出3人,交由120救护车送往医院。   新塘镇政府介绍,3名伤者送院后,由于吸入较多浓烟,伤势较重,新塘医院从南方医院抽调4名专家进行会诊。经全力抢救,其中一名伤者邓某某(男,2岁)于昨日上午因救治无效,宣布死亡。另外两名伤者邓某某(男,30岁)和莫某某(女,28岁)目前仍在全力救治中。   事故发生后,增城区委、区政府高度重视,全力抢救伤者,妥善做好善后工作,全面开展安全生产大排查。新塘镇立即召开紧急会议,要求新塘医院全力救治伤员,布置相关部门做好伤者家属的安抚工作。 责任编辑: GDN007相关的主题文章: