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6 year old man killed with old picks and drinking brine Dutch act early in the morning, sixty old man somehow picks his wife killed herself, drinking brine Dutch act. Relatives and friends came to the rescue, but the old man jumped down from the car and refused to help. Yesterday, the reporter came to the village, many villagers feel regret at the same time on the telephone so leave, until now wonder: has always been to outsiders the impression is very good old two times out of this. At 6 o’clock in the morning of September 2nd, the police station of king town police station in Huludao, Suizhong, received an alarm, saying that the old man in the village who had killed his wife after his wife killed himself, and refused to rescue himself. After receiving the alarm, police station rushed to the scene, the old man found his wife side down in their own room on the ground, the head has a lot of blood, dead. At this point, the old man lying on the Kang, drinking brine suicide attempted. By simple understanding, Deng old man just said enough live, with the pick to kill his wife. The police then found an agricultural pick on the west side of the old man’s house in Fangshan, with a lot of blood on it. The police immediately report the situation, protect the scene, and actively organize rescue. Wait until the medical staff arrived, confirm that the old man has died. Yesterday, the reporter saw, Deng old man home is an old brick and tile cottage, two big iron gates have been locked, clean and tidy in the hospital. A neighbor said, Deng old man at the age of 38 had waist off, the current old man has minimal assurance. On the day before the incident, the old man sat chatting with his neighbors, without any abnormal phenomena. "No one would have thought, but only more than 10 hours later, the father did it. After killing his wife, I heard that the old man called the girl and said that the old lady had fallen ill, so she could hurry her daughter up. Wait until the girl arrived, see mother died, ask why the old man is not to say, to save the old man also won’t let." Many villagers said that the old couple in the village popularity is very good, who has something to do, will actively help. Overnight them in such a way to leave people very sad, feel unbelievable. Flower pot fall to kill two year old boy house, the main cause of manslaughter detention

6旬老汉用镐把砸死老伴 随后喝下卤水自杀清晨,六旬老汉不知何故用镐把将老伴砸死,自己又喝卤水自杀。亲友邻居先后赶来救援,不料老汉却从车上跳下来拒绝救助。昨日记者来到该村,很多村民对二老如此离去感到惋惜的同时,直到现在都感到纳闷:一向给外人印象很好的老两口咋出这档子事。9月2日清晨6时许,葫芦岛市绥中县大王庙镇派出所接到报警,称辖区某村邓老汉将老伴杀害后自己喝卤水自杀,而且拒绝抢救。接到报警后,派出所民警立即赶到现场,发现老汉的老伴侧倒在自家外屋地上,头部有大量血迹,已经死亡。此时老汉正躺在炕上,喝卤水自杀未遂。经简单了解得知,邓老汉只是说活够了,用镐把将老伴打死。警方随后在老汉家西侧房山发现了一把农用镐,上面有大量血迹。警方随后立即将情况上报,保护好现场,积极组织施救。可等到医护人员赶到后,确认老汉已经死亡。昨日记者看到,邓老汉家是个老式砖瓦平房,两扇大铁门已上了锁,院内干净整洁。一名邻居说,邓老汉在38岁时得了腰脱,目前老汉有低保。事发前一日,老人还和邻居在一起坐着闲聊,没有任何不正常现象。“谁也想不到,只过了十多个小时,老爷子就干了这事。打死老伴后,听说老人给闺女打电话说老太太摔了病挺重,让闺女赶快过来。等闺女赶到看到妈死了,问为啥老人就是不说,要抢救老爷子也不让。”多个村民称,这对老夫妻在全村里人缘很好,谁家有事情相求都会主动帮助。一夜之间二老以这种方式离开让人很痛心,更觉得不可思议。 花盆坠落砸死两岁男孩 屋主因过失杀人被刑拘相关的主题文章: