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Business From Hewlett Packard .pany (or simply, HP), one of the largest IT .panies in the world, HP inkjet cartridges are considered one of the most popular inkjet cartridges in the industry. These cartridges are known for using HP Vivera Inks which, according to Hewlett Packard, helps consistently deliver print outs with high quality images that will not fade easily. Deciding on using HP ink cartridges means that you are going for the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) ink cartridges at OEM prices. OEM cartridges are more expensive than third party ink and toners like remanufactured cartridges, which are recycled cartridges, and .patible cartridges, which can fit certain printer brands and models. The upside of getting an HP inkjet cartridge is that you get the benefits of several of the .pany"s many proprietary technologies. But since printer ink is one of the most frequently used .ponents of your print system "" and therefore you will need to regularly replace it "" you will need to make smart shopping choices and constantly find ways to save on ink cartridges. Here are some tips on buying and saving on HP inkjet cartridges: 1. Always keep these in mind when buying OEM cartridges: you can and should expect high quality results. This would mean, at the very least, bold blacks, distinct edges on the fonts and images, vibrant and long-lasting colors on your prints. Your prints should also be smudge free. The cartridge should be easy to install "" in fact, HP cartridges are known as one of the easiest to install. The cartridge should also be reliable: it aligns properly and does not leak. 2. Never leave the store without checking the terms of warranty, return policy and the expiry date of the toner. Same applies to shopping for HP inkjet cartridges online. In addition, you should also ask about the cut off time for shopping, which is crucial if you have a deadline to meet. 3. Make a habit of finding out if the store, whether online or brick and mortar, has a good track record. Ask around, read customer reviews and read up on the .pany"s history if possible. 4. Don"t forget to check out the HP items on sale, store promos and other deals. Most stores carry brand name cartridges in .bo packs or multipacks or value packs. HP, for example, has an "HP Photo Value Pack" which includes paper and ink; and gives you up to 20% savings. You might also want to consider buying in bulk in order to save money. Just make sure you check the expiry date on each of the toners. 5. To save on ink, always click on the "Print Preview" button before printing. This helps make sure that you print only the pages that you need and the page is how you want it to look. This also helps you avoid maximize the space on your paper, eliminate the blank pages and avoid wasting paper and ink. 6. Don"t let the ink on your HP Inkjet cartridges dry up too quickly. Shut down the printer properly. If the printer is shut down the right way, the print heads will be in the right place and the nozzles will not be exposed and will not dry up too quickly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: