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Barcelona plan to finalize the warm-up en: don’t let the handsome left behind European players tired – Sohu Barcelona finalized plans left behind European sports warm-up Spain local time the evening of February 19th, Barcelona coach Lewis Enrique had attended the press conference of the League against Lars Palmas. Barcelona have two games a week for 7 weeks, fitness will become the face of the short board when Lars Palmas? Enrique directly denied. "We have been accustomed to this schedule, but also have to deal with a two-week tournament players. If we can’t win tomorrow against Las Palmas, that is because they are better than we do. For the UEFA Champions League with force of this statement, is an excuse." When it comes to the league title situation, Enrique said: "Basa did not think now our league is already in the bag. The possibility of the season sprint drop points is not small, but only when the League holding hands, we can say that. While the team avoid relegation at the end of the season will be desperate for a stroke, we also face many future opponents such as." Barcelona penalty kick hit rate is not high, Enrique joked: "we can only put the bigger, like football like that. In fact, not into the penalty is not a bad thing, this proves that we have a lot of places need to be modified." Refer to the MSN portfolio, Enrique said: "Suarez may get the season league Golden boot, this is a great encouragement to him personally, but his primary objective is to help Barcelona win. Neymar this year to participate in the America’s cup and the Olympic Games, I can only think of ways to make him too tired." Barcelona players in the summer with the team in the American Cup, Neymar also at the Rio olympics. So the red and blue army executives have decided not to go to the United States and Asia this summer: commercial competition, the purpose is to avoid the player in the pre-season fatigued by a long journey, not a good rest. Therefore the initial for the warm-up match within Europe, and West Ham may and Barcelona in a friendly match in London bowl stadium. (Bourbon)

巴萨敲定热身计划留守欧洲 恩帅:不让球员太累-搜狐体育 巴萨敲定热身计划留守欧洲   西班牙当地时间2月19日晚,巴塞罗那主帅路易斯-恩里克例行出席了联赛对阵拉斯帕尔马斯的赛前新闻发布会。巴萨已经连续一周双赛7周,体能是否会成为面对拉斯帕尔马斯时候的短板?恩里克直接否认。   “我们已经习惯了这样的赛程,而且球员也有应对一周双赛的实力。如果明天对阵拉斯帕尔马斯我们不能赢球,那只是因为对手比我们做的更好。而为欧冠留力这种说法,完全是借口。”   谈到联赛争冠形势,恩里克说:“巴萨上下没有人认为现在联赛已经是我们的囊中之物。赛季冲刺期丢分的可能性不小,而只有当联赛冠军握入手中,我们才能这么说。而保级球队在赛季最后将会殊死一搏,我们未来还要面对很多这样的对手。”   巴萨点球主罚命中率不高,恩里克开玩笑说道:“我们只能把球门变大了,像橄榄球那样。其实点球罚不进不是坏事,这恰恰证明我们还有很多地方需要修改。”   提及MSN组合,恩里克表示:“苏亚雷斯可能获得本赛季西甲金靴,这对他个人是一种很好的鼓励,但他首要目标还是帮助巴萨获胜。而内马尔今年要参加美洲杯和奥运会,我只能想办法不让他太累。”   巴萨多名球员将在今夏随队征战美洲杯,内马尔还要征战里约奥运会。因此红蓝军团高层已经决定:今夏不去美国和亚洲进行商业比赛,目的就是避免舟车劳顿,使球员在季前不能好好的休息。因此初步拟定在欧洲范围内寻找热身赛对手,而西汉姆联则可能和巴萨在伦敦碗球场进行一场友谊赛。   (波本)相关的主题文章: