Shanghai 2016 spring and summer men’s clothing series-helmet怎么读

Shanghai spring 2016 men’s clothing series lead: Shanghai spring 2016 men’s clothing series will be formal and casual mingled, bright color sweep office atmosphere, but also for the weekend trip into the glowing mien. Series of innovative patterns, beautiful summer sunshine, with men’s unique personality patterns to give people a sense of self-confidence and firmness. Shirt collocation trousers composed of classic men’s two piece design style, free, micro printing or geometric patterns is large, lay the individuality of the tone. Chinese characters printed cotton collar (2RC03O2) pearl cotton collar (2RC04O2) grosgrain rimmed elastic cotton trousers (2RJ37O2) with removable cotton shirt (2RC14O2) rayon cotton trousers (2RJ39O2) printed cotton shirt (2RC01O2) cotton linen trousers (2RJ36O2) removable cotton shirt collar (2RC14O2) printed cotton shirt (2RC01O2) cotton linen trousers (2RJ36O2) pearl cotton shirt collar (2RC04O2) Liberty printing cotton trousers (2RJ38O2) series of two city holiday exquisite tailoring spring style will work and leisure perfect fusion in the strict office atmosphere. A lazy weekend leisure coat and deconstruction style loose coat in a lively blue, blue and green ink into the office, bring a comfortable for the busy work. Heart match, work leisure two fit. Loose cotton coat (2RB31O2) Chinese characters printed cotton collar (2RC03O2) Oxford cloth cotton trousers (2RJ44O2) linen jacket (2RB47O2) with removable cotton shirt (2RC14O2) cotton rayon linen trousers (2RJ39O2) jacket (2RB47O2) detachable collar cotton shirt (2RC14O2) cotton artificial silk trousers (2RJ39O2) cotton stripe coat (2RB25O2) Chinese characters printed cotton collar (2RC03O2) Cotton Striped Dress Pants (2RJ42O2) Chinese retro round sunglasses (4D104M2), rib (2RF15O3) cotton linen trousers (2RJ36O2) a series of three soft palette to embrace life easily, using soft color the hustle and bustle of the city like a pleasant seaside let. The full range of clothing are light tone, from white to orange, the perfect tailoring technology and fresh style integration. Liberty printed cotton shirt (2RC12O2), Oxford cotton shirt (2RC15O2), cotton trousers (2RJ45O2), plaid belt (5N205B2), cotton linen washing jacket (2RB32O2), Oxford cotton lining)

上海滩2016春夏男士成衣系列   导语:上海滩2016春夏男士成衣系列将正式与休闲交汇融合,明亮配色一扫办公室的沉闷气氛,也为周末出行注入奕奕神采。   系列一   创新图案   明媚的夏日阳光配以男士特有的个性图案给人以自信坚定感。衬衫搭配裤装组成经典男士两件套,无拘无束的设计风格,微印花或是大块的几何图案,奠定张扬个性的基调。 汉字印花棉质立领衬衫 (2RC03O2)   珠地棉立领衬衫 (2RC04O2)   罗缎镶边弹力棉质长裤 (2RJ37O2)   领口可拆卸棉质衬衫 (2RC14O2)   棉质人造丝长裤 (2RJ39O2)   印花图案棉质衬衫 (2RC01O2)   棉质亚麻长裤 (2RJ36O2)   领口可拆卸棉质衬衫 (2RC14O2) 印花图案棉质衬衫 (2RC01O2) 棉质亚麻长裤 (2RJ36O2)   珠地棉立领衬衫 (2RC04O2)   Liberty印花棉质长裤 (2RJ38O2)   系列二   都市假日   精巧的春季剪裁风格将工作与休闲在严谨的办公氛围中完美融合。慵懒的周末休闲外套和解构主义风格宽松外套以活泼的墨水蓝、湖蓝和绿色跃入办公室内,为忙碌的工作带来一丝惬意。随心搭配,工作休闲两相宜。   涤棉宽松外套 (2RB31O2)   汉字印花棉质立领衬衫 (2RC03O2)   牛津布棉质长裤 (2RJ44O2)   亚麻款外套 (2RB47O2)   领口可拆卸棉质衬衫 (2RC14O2)   棉质人造丝长裤 (2RJ39O2) 亚麻款外套 (2RB47O2) 领口可拆卸棉质衬衫 (2RC14O2) 棉质人造丝长裤 (2RJ39O2) 棉质条纹格外套 (2RB25O2) 汉字印花棉质立领衬衫 (2RC03O2) 棉质条纹正装长裤(2RJ42O2) 中式复古圆形墨镜 (4D104M2)   罗纹套头衫 (2RF15O3)   棉质亚麻长裤 (2RJ36O2)    系列三   柔光调色板   拥抱生活中轻松的一面,柔和色系的运用让喧嚣都市犹如惬意海滨。全系列服装均采用浅色调,从本白色到橘色,将完美的剪裁技术与清新风格融为一体。 Liberty印花棉质衬衣 (2RC12O2) 牛津棉质衬衫 (2RC15O2) 棉质长裤 (2RJ45O2) 格纹皮带 (5N205B2) 棉质亚麻水洗外套 (2RB32O2) 牛津棉质衬衫 (2RC15O2) 棉质长裤 (2RJ45O2) 棉质珠地外套 (2RB30O2) 牛津棉布衬衫 (2RC15O2) 棉质长裤 (2RJ45O2) 新式竹纹印花衬衫 (2RC11O2) 棉质长裤 (2RJ45O2) 肘部撞色棉质开衫 (2RE13O3) 珠地棉立领衬衫 (2RC04O2) 牛津布棉质长裤 (2RJ44O2)   系列四   细节主义   考究的面料,无与伦比的装饰效果,为男士们打造2016年的全新形象。本系列汲取品牌多年经验,精选提针格纹图案、精细的珠地棉以及锁线刺绣,为本季增添与众不同的元素细节。   3D 格纹棉质套头衫 (2RF12O3)   牛津布棉质长裤 (2RJ44O2)相关的主题文章: