Griffin began shooting training exposure difficult to set the return date is still no specific time!-rewrite攻略�

Exposure Griffin began shooting training to return! There is still no specific time Griffin has no specific timetable for decision of sina sports news Beijing time on February 28th, according to the "Orange County Chronicle" reported that Blake Griffin injured his right hand still in the wounds of the state, the latest news shows, Griffin has started a number of shooting training however, he still does not have specific return time now. On the right after the injury, Griffin was almost out of sight media, his recovery has not received further disclosure, from "the orange countyregister" reporter Dan Walker got the news, Griffin seems to have a comeback distance distance. "According to the spokesman of the Clippers said, Griffin has been able to start shooting training, but still no specific timetable for decision." Walker wrote on twitter. This season for Griffin be in trouble, in his unit four biceps tear injury has not completely healed, he is at the end of the month with the team because of staff conflict and injury to the right leads to fracture, which allowed him to continue a truce of 4 to 6 weeks. It once got him into business rumors, and a lot of the news was that the Clippers would send him away. Although has weathered the trading deadline, but the trouble is not over his right hand and his right hand, 20 days before receiving surgery two times, although there is no news to show the two surgery because of his injury repeatedly, but with 4 to 6 weeks before the expected time to close, there is still no specific timetable for the return. It is really not a good news. So far this season, Griffin has missed as many as 28 Games, in these competitions, the Clippers lost only 7 games. They are fourth in the West for the time being, but if they want to go further in the playoffs, they still need Griffin to recover as soon as possible. At least it’s a good start to start shooting and hopefully he’ll be back as soon as possible. (Tinoke)

曝格里芬开始投篮训练 归期难定!仍无具体时间 格里芬还没有具体复出时间表   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月28日,据《橘郡记事报》报道,右手受伤的布雷克-格里芬依旧处在养伤的状态,而最新的消息显示,格里芬已经可以开始进行一些投篮的训练了,不过,他目前仍然没有具体的复出时间。   在右手受伤之后,格里芬几乎就淡出了媒体的视线,他的恢复状况也一直没有得到进一步的披露,而从《橘郡记事报》记者丹-沃克得到的消息来看,格里芬距离复出似乎还有着一段距离。   “据快船方面的发言人透露,格里芬目前已经可以开始一些投篮训练了,不过仍然没有具体的复出时间表。”沃克在推特上写道。   本赛季对于格里芬来说称得上是麻烦不断,在自己股四头肌撕裂的伤势还没有彻底痊愈时,他就在上月底因为跟队内的工作人员冲突而伤到了右手导致了骨折,这让他继续休战4到6周的时间。这一度让他深陷交易流言,不少消息都表示快船将会将他送走。   虽然平安度过了交易截止日,但是他的右手麻烦还并没有结束,20天之前他的右手接受了二次手术,虽然没有消息显示这个二次手术是因为他伤势的反复,但是随着之前4到6周的预计时间不断临近,仍然没有具体复出时间表,这个对于他来说实在不是一个好消息。   本赛季至今格里芬已经缺席了多达28场比赛,在这些比赛里,快船只输掉了7场。目前他们暂时排名西部第四,不过,如果想要在季后赛中再进一步,他们还是需要格里芬能够尽快痊愈归队。至少这次开始投篮训练是一个不错的开始,希望他能够尽快复出。   (Tinoke)相关的主题文章: