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General Office of the State Council announced the program   special regulation of Internet financial risk — Ningxia Channel – Beijing October 13 Xinhua news agency Xinhua recently, the State Council promulgated the "Internet financial risk special rectification work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), on the Internet financial risk special rectification work carried out comprehensive arrangements for the deployment. In recent years, the rapid development of Internet finance, while playing an active role, has gathered the potential risks and disrupted the market order. To carry out the Internet financial risk rectification, designed to regulate all types of Internet financial industry, formed a good market environment, and promote the healthy and sustainable development; to better play the positive role of the Internet in the financial support and promote the development of Inclusive Finance and public entrepreneurship, innovation and so on; to prevent and resolve risks, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, maintaining financial stability. "Implementation plan" is a comprehensive result of in-depth investigation and study, careful analysis, evaluation and full listening to the opinions of the relevant parties. It clarifies the objectives, principles, key points, division of responsibilities and schedule of the special rectification work of Internet financial risks. "Implementation plan" requirements, in accordance with the "illegal and protect legitimate, actively and steadily and orderly resolve, a clear division of labor, strengthen cooperation, the working principle of the combination of distance, bianzhengbiangai," the distinction, classification policy, focus on the P2P lending network, the congregation to raise equity, Internet insurance, third party key areas payment through the Internet, to carry out asset management and cross-border financial services, the financial sector engaged in Internet advertising regulation. At the same time, timely summing up experience, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of Internet financial regulation. The special rectification work has been started in April 2016, plans to be completed before the end of March 2017. The relevant departments and local governments should fully understand the importance of Internet financial risk, special rectification of the urgency and complexity of the special rectification work as an important task of the current and future periods, according to the actual situation, in strict accordance with the "implementation plan" and other areas of remediation program requirements, meticulous organization, compaction responsibility, coordination, methodological strategies, orderly and effective to promote the special rectification work, firmly hold the bottom line, to maintain social stability. (see related reports (Tenth Edition): Li Yanfen, Ma sweet commissioning editor) 国办公布方案 专项整治互联网金融风险–宁夏频道–人民网   新华社北京10月13日电 近日,国务院办公厅公布了《互联网金融风险专项整治工作实施方案》(以下简称《实施方案》),对互联网金融风险专项整治工作进行了全面部署安排。   近几年,互联网金融快速发展,在发挥积极作用的同时,集聚了风险隐患,干扰了市场秩序。开展互联网金融风险专项整治,旨在规范各类互联网金融业态,形成良好的市场竞争环境,促进行业健康可持续发展;旨在更好发挥互联网金融在推动普惠金融发展和支持大众创业、万众创新等方面的积极作用;旨在防范化解风险,保护投资者合法权益,维护金融稳定。   《实施方案》是有关方面深入调查研究、认真分析评估和充分听取意见后形成的综合成果,明确了互联网金融风险专项整治工作目标、原则、重点、职责分工和进度安排等。《实施方案》要求,按照“打击非法、保护合法,积极稳妥、有序化解,明确分工、强化协作,远近结合、边整边改”的工作原则,区别对待、分类施策,集中力量对P2P网络借贷、股权众筹、互联网保险、第三方支付、通过互联网开展资产管理及跨界从事金融业务、互联网金融领域广告等重点领域进行整治。同时,及时总结经验,建立健全互联网金融监管长效机制。   专项整治工作已于2016年4月开始,计划至2017年3月底前完成。各有关部门、各地方人民政府要充分认识互联网金融风险专项整治的重要性、紧迫性和复杂性,把专项整治工作作为当前和今后一个时期的一项重要任务,坚持从实际出发,认真按照《实施方案》和各分领域整治方案要求,精心组织,压实责任,协同配合,讲求方法策略,有序有效推进专项整治工作,牢牢守住底线,维护社会稳定。   (相关报道见第十版) (责编:李彦芬、马甜)相关的主题文章: