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24 year old girl for a beautiful bridesmaid to diet, crazy pills to cause shock – Sohu news, for each girl, weight loss is the cause of their life all the time". But for Ms. Liu, a 24 year old Changchun citizen, she began to diet and take weight loss drugs at the beginning of the year, in order to be a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding at the May Day of this year. In February 12th, the fifth day of the new year day, because the girl taking weight-loss pills too much at home. Doctors advise that weight loss should also be paid attention to, and long-term and excessive use of weight loss drugs will damage the nervous system. Liu, a 24 year old Changchun citizen, is currently working for a design company. In December 2015, she received a wedding invitation from her classmates, hoping that she would attend the wedding in Qingdao. At the same time, Ms. Liu’s classmates also hope that she can be his maid of honor, become a "Bridesmaid group" in a member. "My classmates said that I had prepared the same dress for the bridesmaids, and I was nervous when I heard this. Because I have graduated from University for two years, the body is much fatter than just graduated, if this appearance will certainly be ashamed, so I’m ready to start slimming, for the "May Day" Bridesmaid preparation." Ms. Liu said. Ms. Liu said that from the beginning of this year, she began to diet, exercise weight loss, but more than a month down, weight and not too much change. So, with a friend’s introduction, she decided to take some weight-loss pills to lose weight quickly". On the day of February 12th, Ms. Liu suddenly felt unwell in her home, and then she was not only twitching, but also fainted. After the family found, rushed her to the second hospital of Jilin University for treatment, doctors said it belongs to acute drug poisoning. "After asking, we learned that the patient took a lot of weight loss pills before the onset of the disease, but fortunately it was not very serious, and there was no danger at all." Doctors say. Doctors said that a lot of weight loss drugs have some side effects, long-term or large doses, will lead to nervous system disorders, light damage memory, heavy stroke, heart disease, mental state disorders and other serious consequences. "I suggest that citizens, especially women, should be able to lose weight healthily and reasonably. If you blindly rely on drugs to lose weight, not only can not achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also dangerous." Doctors say. For her blind weight loss things, Ms. Liu said very regret, she said that in the future no longer take weight loss drugs, body again good, again beautiful, no health is important. (East Asian economic and trade news reporter Li Qiushi)

24岁女孩为当美丽伴娘拼命节食狂吃减肥药致休克-搜狐新闻  对于每个女孩来说,减肥瘦身是她们一生都在进行的“事业”。不过对于24岁的长春市民刘女士来说,她为了能在今年“五一”在朋友的婚礼上“美美”当上伴娘,从年初便开始节食并服用减肥药。结果在2月12日,大年初五当天,女孩因为服用减肥药过多在家中晕倒。医生提醒,减肥也要讲究方法,长期和过量服用减肥药会损伤神经系统。   长春市民刘女士今年24岁,目前在一家设计公司工作。2015年12月,她接到大学同学的婚礼邀请,希望她能到青岛参加婚礼。同时刘女士的同学也希望她能当自己的伴娘,成为“伴娘团”中的一员。“我同学说特意给‘伴娘团’准备了一样的小礼服,听到这的时候我就紧张了。因为我大学毕业已经两年了,身材比刚毕业时胖了不少,要是这个样子去肯定会丢人,所以我就准备开始减肥瘦身,为‘五一’的伴娘做准备。”刘女士说。   刘女士介绍,从今年年初她就开始节食运动瘦身,可是一个多月下来体重并没有太多变化。所以在朋友的介绍下,她决定服用一些减肥药来“迅速减肥”。2月12日当天,刘女士在家中突然感到身体异常不适,接着不仅浑身抽动还出现了晕倒的情况。家人发现后急忙将她送到了吉林大学第二医院进行救治,医生表示属于急性药物中毒。“经过询问我们得知患者在发病前服用了大量减肥药,所幸情况不是很重目前已经没有任何危险。”医生说。   医生表示,很多减肥药都存在一定的副作用,长期或大剂量服用,会导致神经系统障碍,轻则损伤记忆,重则出现中风、心脏病、精神状态失常等严重后果。“我建议市民,特别是女性一定要健康合理的进行减肥。如果盲目依靠药物减肥不仅最终达不到减肥的目的,还会出现危险。”医生说。对于自己盲目减肥的事情刘女士表示十分后悔,她表示今后再也不服用减肥药了,身材再好再漂亮也没有身体健康重要。(东亚经贸新闻记者 李秋实)相关的主题文章: