Shaoxing Shenyong domineering female boss 32 abnormal dominate Burglary robbers-sql2005安装图解

Shaoxing Shenyong domineering female boss 32 abnormal "dominate" Burglary robbers surveillance captured the suspect. One night in early September, an uninvited guest broke into a children’s clothing factory in Tang Town, Shaoxing District, Shangyu, and the "uninvited guest" was robbed. However, children’s clothing factory female boss Shenyong anomaly, 32 to each other to "dominate" live. Sneak into the factory, suffered a domineering female boss on the day at 9:30 am, 20 year old Shandong Zhong Mou because "eat online money robbery idea, he prepared a" toy gun ", but also prepared a dagger, ready to start on the children’s clothing factory female boss wang. Zhong slipped away from the side door of the factory, and then went to the factory office where the lights were shining. At this point, Ms. Wang is out of the office, just in the corridor, two people encountered. Zhong Mou pulled out a toy gun, pointing to Ms. Wang: "do not move, put, all the money handed out."!" Unexpectedly, Ms. Wang glared at Zhong, and said sharply, "who are you?" How did you get in? Who frighten children with something they play?!" Ms. Wang’s voice was shocked by Zhong zhong. A look at the female boss did not live, Zhong immediately took out the dagger. Ms. Wang said: "the young do not learn, you have the ability to!" As soon as he saw the opportunity, he took hold of the hand holding a knife, and even kicked and dragged. Ms. Wang did not chase, the first time dialed 110, Shaoxing City Public Security Bureau Shangyu branch Pu Pu police station after receiving instructions, quickly launched pursuit. Criminal suspect Zhong zhong. The robber arrested one hour nets above and snares below, after the police received a robbery, the use of "1, 3, 5" ring seal control mechanism of the intercity station, exit control point control. And Pu Pu police station quickly from the enterprise monitoring, public security monitoring conducted counter investigation, soon, suspects into the police line of sight. Police found the robber fled for hiking, dressed more features, black blouse chest big pattern. At that time, the direction of escape fled along the national highway to the city. Subsequently, the police immediately to the police and plainclothes police, the advantages of dual mode, dual card anshao ming. It is as expected, plainclothes police patrol car on Shangtang road and State Road 104 at the junction, found a suspected criminal suspects physical characteristics of personnel. When the police tried to approach, the alert criminal immediately fled, but ultimately failed to escape the police chase. At this point, only less than 1 hours from the incident. After investigation, the suspect confessed his crime of robbery with knives. "This case is a typical case of using the information of actual police combat really fast break fast, first from the rapid retrieval of video images, to quickly check Skynet and successfully locked the suspect, predict the suspects escape route to successful encirclement sealing ring, the road around, chasing, blocking, and truly reflect the the information characteristics of actual police combat" fast, accurate and relentless." The relevant person in charge said. Although the female boss brave or domineering, but the police remind the public, when encountered robbers, can not follow the female boss, be sure to ensure their own safety, the first time the alarm to the public security organs.

绍兴霸气女老板神勇异常 三两下“镇住”入室劫匪监控拍摄到的犯罪嫌疑人。9月上旬一个晚上,绍兴上虞区汤浦镇一家童装厂闯入一名“不速之客”,这位“不速之客”竟然是来打劫的。不过,童装厂的女老板神勇异常,三两下就把对方给“镇住”住了。偷溜入厂,遭遇霸气女老板事发当天晚上9时30分许,20岁的山东人仲某因为“吃饭上网缺钱”起了抢劫的想法,他准备了一把“玩具枪”,还备了把匕首,准备对这童装厂里的女老板王女士下手。仲某从厂区侧门偷溜进入,之后迅速向着灯火通明的厂区办公室而去。而此时,王女士正从办公室出来,就在走廊上,两人遭遇了。仲某掏出玩具枪,指着王女士:“不许动,把,把身上的钱全部交出来!”不料,王女士瞪着仲某,厉声说:“你是什么人?怎么进来的?拿小孩玩的东西吓唬谁呢!”王女士这声音震得仲某倒是吓了一跳。一看没震住女老板,仲某立即把匕首给掏出来了。王女士喝道:“年纪轻轻不学好,有本事你来!”一边看准时机,一下出手就按住了仲某持刀的手,连踢带拽,仲某的匕首“当郎”落地,吓得他挣脱就跑。王女士没追,第一时间拨打了110,绍兴市公安局上虞分局上浦派出所接到指令后,迅速展开追击。犯罪嫌疑人仲某。天罗地网,抢匪一小时落网接到抢劫警后,该局利用“1、3、5”封控圈机制,对车站、各城际出入口等封控点展开布控。而上浦派出所迅速从企业监控、治安监控进行反查,很快,嫌疑人进入警方视线。民警发现,抢匪逃跑方式为徒步,衣着较为有特点,为黑色短衫胸口有大图案。当时研判,逃跑方向为沿国道线向城区方向逃离。随后,警方立即以优势警力加之便衣、警车双模式,明卡暗哨双管齐下。不出所料,便衣民警在对上汤公路与104国道交界处进行车巡时,发现了疑似犯罪嫌疑人体貌特征人员。当民警试图靠近时,警觉的犯罪嫌疑人立即逃跑,但最终没能逃过警察的追捕。此时,距离案发仅过了不到1小时。带所调查后,犯罪嫌疑人仲某交代了他持刀抢劫的犯罪事实。“该案是运用信息化实战警务快真快破的典型案例,从迅速调取第一张视频图片,到天网快速反查并成功锁定犯罪嫌疑人,预判犯罪嫌疑人逃跑路线,再到封控圈的成功合围,这一路围、追、堵、截,真正反映出信息化实战警务‘快、准、狠’的特点。”该局相关负责人说。虽然这位女老板神勇霸气,但警方还是提醒各位市民,当遇到歹徒抢劫时,可不能效仿这位女老板,务必要在确保自身安全的情况下,第一时间向公安机关报警。相关的主题文章: