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23 years without promotion would be "complaint officer"? The picture is Yang Guangcheng. Original title: 23 years without promotion would be "complaint officer"? Because of his heart vivid discussions of "political star" the burden is too heavy, and not promoted for many years, the lax, complain about work attitude; finally, from dark to bright and resentment, the first half of the fame and the harvest be destroyed on one day. In 1991, at the age of 36, Yang Guangcheng served as secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Yunnan became the youngest department level cadres. In 2014, Yang Guangcheng alleged serious violation of the law, by the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection investigation. He has been emeritus year, it served as party secretary of Yunnan Provincial Communications department. In the position, he spent 23 years. Recently, the media reported that because of his "23 years of progress, and relax and rest, eventually handling" thing, causing public outcry. Frankly speaking, the tiger flies to play an important anti-corruption period, Yang Guangcheng regardless of level or the amount of money involved, are not worthy of him caused public noise. But he still attracted many attention, the reason lies in the "23 years". When the hall officer for 23 years, he did not "progress" half of the class, which made him lazy government later, even the light diffuse with extremely botched illegal, and ultimately their own retirement period, painting in the prison door. This behavior itself is not a bit too wonderful? As a wise man wallowing in the heap of people, how would like a woman so as to deal with the problem? Throughout Yang Guangcheng’s history, the first half of the event from the inspection of provincial leaders appreciated a step Shengyun become all about lupin, political star, later the 23 grade has not changed, and the negative distortion even like desperate housewives, are full of resentment and dissatisfaction with superiors and their work, the spoiled type of emotional the expression, revealing his unhealthy personality and distorted values. As he said, he is a empleomania person, this addiction, like smoking or drug addiction to alcohol, a large dose of continuous stimulation, without this stimulus, he completely lost power and even survival. It is not convinced, in Yang Guangcheng’s growth on the road, he used to power a county, also served as a prefecture level city leaders, until finally he was quite dissatisfied, the transport minister, these positions of power and resources, are affecting the well-being of millions of people. If you want to do, can make no small achievement. However, because of his heart "political star" the burden is too heavy, and not promoted for many years, direct the lax, complain about work attitude; finally, from dark to bright resentment resentment, become the political Zhong Yong, the first half of the fame and the harvest be destroyed on one day. All of this is because he will be the position of civil servants, as an official, rather than work platform. This value, at all levels of the so-called "Officialdom", also There are plenty of people who. Yang Guangcheng used his folly, for corrupt officials, mediocre officers, hunguan, adds a new variety, called the complaint officer. This is what people do not ask yourself, and think only of themselves can palm undivided attention much right, when much official "empleomania patients", let him stay 4

23年未升职就可以当“怨官”? 图为杨光成。   原标题:23年未升职就可以当“怨官”?   议论风生   就因为他心中“政治明星”的包袱太重,又多年未提拔,形成了散漫、抱怨的工作态度;到最后,由暗怨到明怨,前半生的名气和收获毁于一旦。   1991年,时年36岁的杨光成出任共青团云南省委书记,成为当时云南最年轻的正厅级干部。2014年,杨光成涉嫌严重违纪违法,被云南省纪委立案调查。此时的他,已届退休之年,正担任云南省交通厅党组书记。在正厅的位置上,他待了整整23年。近日,媒体报道出他因为“23年不进步,而放松和懈怠,最终被处理”的事情,引起舆论的一片哗然。   坦率地讲,在这个老虎苍蝇一起打的反腐重要时段,杨光成无论级别还是涉案金额,都不太对得起他所引发的舆论响动。但他还是引起众多的关注,究其原因,就在于那个“23年”上。当厅官23年,他没有“进步”半级,这也让他后来懒于政务,甚至轻漫地用极其拙劣的手法违法违纪,并最终将自己的退休句号,画在牢狱门口。这种行为本身,是不是太奇葩了一点?作为一个在聪明人堆中打滚的人,怎么会像一个怨妇一样如此处理问题呢?   通观杨光成的成长史,前半段,从遇省领导视察受赏识一路平步升云,成为众人看好的政治明星,到后来23年级别未变,进而消极扭曲甚至像绝望的主妇一般,对上级和本职工作都充满了怨恨和不满,这种撒娇式的情绪化表达,暴露了他不健全的人格和扭曲的价值观。如他所坦陈的,他是个有官瘾的人,这个瘾,像烟瘾酒瘾甚至毒品瘾一样,需要有不断的大剂量刺激,而一旦失去了这种刺激,他就完全失去了工作甚至生存的动力。   令人不服气的是,在杨光成的成长路上,他曾经主政一个县,也当过地级市一把手,直到最后让他颇为不满的省交通厅长,这些职位所掌握的权力和资源,都是影响千百万民众生活福祉的。如果想做事,都可以做出不小的业绩。但是,就因为他心中“政治明星”的包袱太重,又多年未提拔,直接形成了散漫、抱怨的工作态度;到最后,由暗怨到明怨,成为了政治上的仲永,前半生的名气和收获毁于一旦。而这一切,皆因为他将公务员这个职位,当成做官,而非做事的平台。这种价值观,在各级所谓的“官场”中,还大有人在。   杨光成用他的愚蠢,为贪官,庸官,昏官之外,又添了一个新品种,叫怨官。这种不问自己为民众做了什么,而一心一意只想着自己能掌多大的权、当多大的官的“官瘾症患者”,让他呆在厅官位置上,别说23年,就是一天,也太长了!   □曾颖(作家) 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: