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The Ministry of housing and then a punch specification defines illegal housing prices cover plate and other improper behavior of the Ministry of housing and housing prices a punch regulate unfair business practices in October 14th, the Ministry of housing and urban construction held to regulate real estate development business to maintain the real estate market order teleconference to make arrangements for further rectifying and standardizing the order of real estate market work. The Ministry of housing real estate development enterprises 9 kinds of unfair business practices made a clear definition: one is misleading, fraud and speculation, including the publication of false information and advertising, fabricating or spreading rumors; the other is illegal sales practices, including pre-sale permits, commercial housing sales in the collection the deposit reserve funds, property hoarding, secretly charges, tie-in sale, a "sell" etc.. Notice requirements, all localities should be based on relevant laws and regulations and regulations, these illegal acts severely punished. Belong to the scope of the scope of responsibility for the real estate sector, should pay close attention to the handling of the relevant departments in charge, should pay close attention to the transfer of processing; for alleged crimes, to be transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility. On this basis, depending on the seriousness of the case, take a written warning, interviewed the main person in charge of the enterprise, public notification of unfair business practices, and included in the list of serious violations of dishonesty in the real estate development enterprises in the qualification examination of key audit measures for real estate development enterprises. Ministry of housing requires all localities should attach great importance to the rectification and regulation of the real estate market order to persevere, not to grasp. To strengthen law enforcement and inspection efforts, strengthen coordination and cooperation between departments, and always maintain a high pressure situation investigation. Real estate development enterprises to control the "notice", self-examination irregularities, strengthen self-discipline, according to the rule of law, integrity and promise. To speed up the construction of credit system in the real estate industry, the establishment of joint and trustworthy incentives and promises a joint disciplinary system, released a list of illegal dishonest business in a timely manner; to investigate serious violations of the typical case, to the public exposure, the formation of a strong atmosphere of public opinion. In addition, at the meeting, the 20 level of qualification of real estate development enterprises have also made a public commitment to the integrity of the law to the community. (CCTV reporter Yang Xiao) into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: