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U.S. media: Yao Ming Iverson is the symbol of the times inspired countless people watching music: because the AI so love! Iverson recalls the glory days of the Tencent in September 8th 2016 sports hall of Fame star, in O’neal’s words, this session of the hall of fame is great, is also one of the greatest. The media also praised the national hall of fame will be 3 times as symbols of the players are Yao Ming, Iverson and WNBA legend Cheryl Ann Tweedy swoopes. Iverson and Yao Ming Yao Ming, Iverson and Swaps, they are the iconic characters, popular not only in basketball fans, but also represents the countless people’s outlook on life, and that is to be yourself. They are not simple people, leaving a simple spiritual heritage. Yao Ming is not the first to make NBA Chinese players, Wang Zhizhi preceded him more than a year of landing alliance. But Yao Ming is the NBA draft champion, he came to the Rockets, overcome various problems, adapted to the new environment. By virtue of their influence, Yao Ming has become a bridge between China and NBA, the Rockets have become the first Chinese basketball fans. Any sport, needs a global icon, Yao Ming is a good man, he is smart, refined and courteous, humorous, courteous and accessible, and excellent performance on the court. Today NBA, booming development in China, Chinese sports brand become sponsors of the league and the players. If there is no Yao Ming, only Wang Zhizhi, Yi Jianlian, Yue Sun et al., NBA has such a spectacular in Chinese also? Seems less likely. The former NBA President Stern has been committed to globalization, but if there is no Yao Ming, captured the Union would not have the largest population of China market. Shanghai, Beijing city held a number of preseason games, China businessman bought NBA shares in the team, Kobe Chinese for NBA players wearing Chinese huge crowds of people, the brand of shoes, which are behind the embodiment of the influence of Yao Ming. Yao Ming is not the first to play NBA Chinese players, swaps are not the first player to play WNBA. But like Yao Ming, swoopes also built a monument of their own. Swoopes won 4 WNBA Championships, won 3 MVP, and 3 Olympic gold medals and two scoring. In 2005, still playing swoopes announced out of the closet, she said he did not want to disguise. Swoopes is not only a great basketball player, but the other player is the infection of her courage, the courage to let them publish their own sexual orientation. Iverson did not like Yao Ming to open new markets and did not like the way that swaps for others. But the legend of Iverson is as great as his court. Iverson is recognized as the hip-hop culture leading to the NBA, his braids, bulky necklaces, loose oversized T-shirt and pants, have become his mark. Iverson is not the first NBA player to wear this, but with his influence, he will carry forward the culture. Iverson has also been criticized by Stern for his outfit, which is the first of the players. Among those who love Iverson, he is a hero, he changed the Union’s culture, to make it more相关的主题文章: