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The success of Beijing – VIDEO – Sichuan students in entrepreneurship for the school donated one million Sichuan students for the school donated one million entrepreneurial success [comment] in September 22nd, Sichuan University college school, the "double" after the success of the alma mater donated one million yuan, set up the "Long Yuan scholarship" to return to his alma mater, the society, through scholarships, encourage and support the mentees to complete their studies, and innovation and entrepreneurship. [comment] it is understood that the students enrolled at the Sichuan University doctoral students, Chengdu ryongyon network science and technology limited company co-founder Yin Xueyuan. Yin Xueyuan attending Dr. and Li Longfei co founded Chengdu ryongyon network science and technology limited company, the company currently has more than 10 software copyrights and patents, more than 50 million yuan monthly water. [comment] Yin Xueyuan said at the donation site, he attended the school 110 Anniversary in 2006, it was a comfortable learning Junior. In the past ten years, and now he has become a business on the road, or just to catch up with the Sichuan 120 anniversary. He also believes that if there is no Sichuan fertile soil, there is no achievements made today. The same period [] (ryongyon scholarship donors Yin Xueyuan) because it coincides with the 120 anniversary of the University, then I think we as university students, the first is said to offer a gift to his alma mater, second I think that as a donation of one million scholarship for this force is very meager, we just want to make this kind of spirit is to advocate such a spirit, we go to set up a scholarship to help some of the more outstanding students, let them go to the community, so that they have to realize their social value, so that they have to do more to help others. [comment] then Party Secretary Tai Mingsong computer school of Sichuan University said in an interview with reporters, the State encourages the students innovation and entrepreneurship, "80" Yin Xueyuan take the lead in innovation and entrepreneurship and make something. Fully reflects the school, students call the State Council, to create wealth for society. Students in the "double" at the same time, also set up scholarships, schools return and return to society, far-reaching significance, is also very important. The same period [] (Party Secretary Tai Mingsong computer school of Sichuan University) in our institute has focused on fostering students’ innovative ability, we offer courses in the second class and our first class, Yin Xueyuan set up a "ryongyon" scholarship, as a model for our students entrepreneurship in school, had a good effect in the us the students, will set off a small climax in the innovation of our classmates. Chengdu, China相关的主题文章: