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Determine! The marriage and mass were made that the new energy vehicles Phoenix car news September 7th, the Volkswagen Group and Anhui Jiang Huai Automobile Corp (hereinafter referred to as JAC) signed a memorandum of understanding in Germany, Wolfsburg, the two sides will determine further negotiations in order to reach a long-term strategic cooperation in the joint development of new energy vehicle market Chinese. So far, the news of the Yangtze River and the masses finally settled. It can be said that the JAC and the Volkswagen Group is matchmaking by Premier Li Keqiang in October 2015, Premier Li Keqiang ended the investigation production of Jianghuai Automobile and technology research and development of new energy vehicles. When he was about to leave, he suddenly said to the staff, "just one of you told me that I would like to work with the German public!" The German Prime Minister Merkel’s visit to China, the new Volkswagen CEO Mathias · Mullen (Matthias Mueller) also accompany. During the two sessions this year, JAC director Changan has also said that JAC is being actively negotiated with Volkswagen, is expected to reach a cooperative relationship with it. The news quickly became the headlines at the time of auto industry. But the outside world is more concerned about the direction of cooperation between the two sides of the joint venture pickup models, but it does not seem so today. In recent years, due to influence of "gas" incident, the Volkswagen Group earnings losses; in addition Chinese new energy vehicle market in the explosive growth that foreign car companies have vied for the new energy vehicles this "big cake", the Volkswagen Group also adjust the strategic layout in china. In June 20th, Volkswagen (China) investment company official said, the Volkswagen Group recently on the development goals in the next ten years to make major changes, the strategy includes continuing to increase the pace of development in China, to promote the electric process, launched about car service, launched the "hand in hand – 2025" strategy, hope to expand the business and system to achieve earnings growth. VW calls it the biggest change ever made by volkswagen". Volkswagen Group CEO Mullen has said that Volkswagen Group will focus on the development of electric vehicles. The group is planning to launch more than 30 models of pure electric vehicles over the next ten years. 2025, Volkswagen Group expects its pure electric vehicle sales will be between 2 million to 3 million vehicles, accounting for the total sales of 20% – 25%. It now appears that over the next ten years, the introduction of these models will be the majority of the 30 pure electric vehicles will be jointly developed by JAC volkswagen. Today, the two sides signed a memorandum of understanding, Volkswagen Group Chairman ller (Matthias, Mü), said: Volkswagen Group is committed to becoming a benchmark enterprise in the field of electric vehicles. In order to achieve this goal, we look forward to explore, study all possible, and JAC reached a close and mutually beneficial cooperative relations. We believe that cooperation between the two sides will not only contribute to the future development of the two companies, but also will have a positive impact on the development of our customers, the perfect industrial environment and the entire Chinese society." Based on the understanding of the preparation.相关的主题文章: