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The Champions League – Bayern for two consecutive years against Atletico   Southern Star revenge – Sports – original title: during the Bayern victims a Ancelotti of Bayern and Guardiola compared to no significant progress. The second round of the Champions League, Manchester City Road 3 3 draw with Celtic new season 10 game winning streak snapped. Bayern is the second consecutive year in the first 0 to 1 lost to Atletico, ending this season undefeated, Ancelotti Simonyi had not been able to cross this off. Three degrees three degrees backward from Manchester City away and the Celtics contest is scored third minutes ahead of the war. Manchester City twelfth minute, gundogan pass, Kolarov shot from Phil Nandy Neo Dangxia, Brazilian pole tuishe. The Celtics twentieth minutes again beyond twenty-eighth minutes, Manchester City by virtue of the goals for Stryn tie again. The Celtics forty-seventh minutes into a ball for fifty-fifth minutes, Manchester City Nuo Lituo pull the score to 3 than 3. Manchester City boss Guardiola said, "this game is very difficult, I scored 3 goals on the road was very happy for the team, after the opponent scored third goals is not what the opportunity, we actually have a chance to win." He also stressed that this is good, we did not lose. Now we have 12 minutes to prepare for the next game against Barcelona, with the exception of tottenham." Bayern class Ma Jing lost the Champions League semi-final opponents once again suffered. Before the Bayern new season 8 wins, Atletico also unbeaten. Ancelotti replaced 4 starters, Boateng, Alonso, Ribery Vidal, played for Hummel J, Sanchez, Comanche, kimmich. Ma Jing scored the only goal in the thirty-fifth minute break, Callas Saltzman: Gregory assists. Before the end, Gregory Saltzman penalty frieze. Bayern coach Ancelotti after the game that the team is too slow: "we controlled the game, but could not bite in the scraping opponent is not determined. We lost too many balls and played too slowly. When it comes to Ma Jing, you need to get a little faster and catch the chance. We didn’t do well today, but it’s just a game, and the next time we play better." Ma Jing coach Simonyi said that the game is one of the best games he has coached Atletico, "since I coached Atletico, this game is one of the best games. In the 90 minutes of the game, they are full of strength, it is difficult to do this, because we are facing one of the best teams in the world. Bayern are a very good team and I don’t even know when they lost last time." Beijing morning news reporter song? (commissioning editor Zhao Xuechen and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: