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The sun will be on duty for a week   most of Jiangsu mainly to fine weather, Jiangsu channel — original title: the sun will be on duty for a week, the laundry to worry about the lifting of the "frozen" mode, a new week, Jiangsu ushered in the fine mode. With the warm winter sun, also have the power to go to school. Than a week of rain and snow, this week should be much more moderate, most of Jiangsu mainly to fine weather, some areas with occasional rain, but has little effect on the temperature has picked up. However, good weather and good air cannot coexist for a long time, this week to pay attention to the prevention of haze weather, everyone. November 27th, the sun in the early morning to give you warm. Nanjing in the morning most of the low temperature is only 2 to 3 degrees centigrade, but the temperature began to rise at a temperature of about 10 degrees C, standing in the sun is particularly comfortable. With the coming of warm sunny, 13 full Jiangsu collective breakthrough 10 C, 14.2 C the highest in Jintan! By 15, most of the area has reached about 13 degrees celsius. The weather is so awesome, the sky is blue and transparent, with a "click" is the beautiful scenery, but not all places like Nanjing blue sky. Yesterday, the northern region of Jiangsu into a haze V, to moderate haze. 11 noon, the national air pollution ranking, the most serious pollution in Lianyungang, ranked first. To this end, Lianyungang meteorological observatory issued a haze yellow warning signal. It is reported that this is the local haze haze, also has an upper blowing haze, and the next time the diffusion condition is not good, will continue. At present, Jiangsu this week, not only what the rain, the night of November 29th to the morning of November 30th, the southeastern region occasionally rain, most regions have maintained fine mode, the temperature at 13 degrees celsius. Laundry is not worry, every day is filled with sunshine, just "haze" will Jianfengchazhen to harass. The atmosphere to maintain static stability, gradually deteriorate air diffusion conditions, not only is the northern region of Jiangsu Province, are very prone to haze weather, to remind everyone to go out when the guard. (Xu Cen) Nanjing three, today the weather sunny to cloudy, north to northeast wind 3 to 4, 2 to 12 degrees centigrade tomorrow cloudy to overcast, 3 to 12 DEG C after overcast to cloudy, 6 to 14 DEG C (commissioning editor: Zhang Yan, Tang Lu)相关的主题文章: