VI a biography of match positions Buddha Bodhi — Gansu — Lanzhou first channel点点通2006

VI "a biography of match positions Buddha Bodhi" — Gansu — Lanzhou first channel September 30 Lanzhou Xinhua (Mou Jian) 29 morning, by the Lanzhou evening news reporter Mu Jun, National Publishing House of the "banyan – VI match positions Buddha’s legendary life" premiere held in Lanzhou Ningwozhuang hotel. It is reported that the Gansu province is the focus of the 2012 artistic creation project, the author Mu Jun in documentary style, through the · to match Canghua VI bin; Luo Dan · indeed Guido and around the Jay interview, based on the reference information, describes the real game VI warehouse & middot Canghua; Luo Dan ·. As a scientist, Guido Jie Buddha Tibetan Buddhist scholar and educator of the legendary life experience. Match bin · Luo Canghua Dan · indeed Guido Jie is Gannan Tibetan Buddhist temple Dellon VI match bin Buddha, is China’s famous Tibetan scholars and scholar and educator, rhetorician, and "the poet Buddha" reputation, is regarded as the dean of Tibetan Studies Master today. He edited the "Poetics", "rhetoric above the Gelug Sect of" classics "," special praise, "poetics entry" and other books, become the country and the world a lot of Tibetan (Buddha) school (school) teaching materials. Match bin · Luo Dan Canghua or Gansu National Normal University (formerly Gannan cooperation in Higher Normal College) one of the founders of the visiting professor and longtime Chinese Advanced Institute of Tibetan Buddhism, the Academy of Social Sciences, Minzu University of China China, cultivate a group and a group of Tibetan intellectuals. Because of its outstanding achievements in the academic field, in 1991 · Canghua bin; Luo Dan won the State Council "special contribution expert" title, and enjoy government subsidies. "Banyan" a book written in the process, the author is not in the den, but went to the plateau to grassland, look for the field, search, collecting, finishing after the completion of the text. As a reporter, Mu Jun followed 10 years of game VI positions buddha. 10 years, she followed the VI match positions Buddha footprint, was invited to Tibet, Qinghai, Gannan, Beijing and other senior Buddhist College interviews and investigation, grasp the full and accurate data, objectively to match · bin; Luo Canghua Dan’s life, life spirit, and his achievements were description in the book of fate for the Buddha, make the work in accordance with the real history, capture, pick up · Canghua Luo Bin reflect the match; Dan the most characteristic in the specific historical period and the environment in detail, so as to make the characters more vivid, the image is more plump. "Thank you for letting me meet you"! The author Mu Jun, the 10 years of the interview experience to let her get a hitherto unknown life experience and sentiment, continue to grow. Match bin · Luo Canghua Dan’s life experience and his attitude towards life, and he took to the podium from Taiwan Yi, the lives of ordinary people but also has certain instructive. "A" no Bodhi meditation skills, practice or spell grammar, just tell people what is a living Buddha of thorns Road, through long years, got people today)相关的主题文章: