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Chengdu residents kitchen renovation is open to the use of natural gas in Chengdu recently, several members of the public through the Sichuan daily customs hotline (028) 86968696 and Sichuan online "Sichuan politics" platform to reflect, located in Chengdu City, Chenghua District (micro-blog) Cui Shop East world residential housing has been over half a year, has been unable to use natural gas. "There is room in the pipeline, to a few months, but not the use of natural gas, kettle cooking is not easy." Live in the District 7 building owners Zhang full of doubts, the developers promised to open natural gas, why has not yet been fulfilled? In the end how the real situation, what is "blocking" live gas sentiments hotline reporter conducted a survey?. Don’t complain: natural gas, life is very convenient, in September 18th 19, the people hotline reporters came to the east world residential decoration, sound can be heard without end noisy areas, many of the decoration workers in and out. More owners told reporters that the area of each building being sought, and some others for several months, and some have been more than half a year, the majority of houses are still in the decoration, a few owners have admitted. Visited the reporter found that the real estate is a relatively independent 7 high-rise buildings, independent set up a dedicated property service center. Reporters at the scene learned that the building area has been opened natural gas, the owners in the property registration service center, a Gas Co staff on-site service, while the 7 buildings have not yet opened gas. Owners Zhang said that he had just 5 years to participate in the work, not much savings, so choose a relatively low price of the building 7. He said: when the developers promised to buy a house will be ventilation, the room also has natural gas pipeline, but admitted that a few months of this gas can not be opened, life is not convenient. To change the program to use electricity, stoves, water heaters have to buy, the wire should be re laid." Chengdu gas service hotline staff informed that the East heaven and earth District 7 has not yet opened natural gas. 7, the property service center staff told reporters, because some owners of the decoration without permission of the table or mobile gas pipeline, and some owners demolished the original kitchen wall, the enclosed kitchen open kitchen, pass the acceptance of Gas Co. To pass gas, the kitchen must have a door, which is a mandatory requirement." Under the leadership of the staff, the reporter walked into the building 7 households in the decoration of the house is. Reporters noted that the two original position of kitchen indoor wall were demolished, natural gas pipeline and the position change of gas meter. The workers told reporters that due to the partition to install apartment layout in the decoration are layered, so the original indoor wall will be demolished, "down after it was re built small, open kitchen into the beautiful and does not influence the lighting." Survey: the requirements of the relevant regulations, set the kitchen stove door should be encountered gas ventilation troubles, not only the residents of this district. Chengdu megus Decoration Co. Ltd. designer Li Ling said, with all of the decoration requirements increase, simple, visual atmosphere, open kitchen has become more and more popular. She said: "young people in particular, daily cooking at home a few times, the kitchen itself is less, plus the monolithic integrated kitchen oil fume suction effect, smokeless pot is becoming more and more popular, many people choose to open the kitchen.相关的主题文章: