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Ningbo issued 2016 talent index released the first index of technical talents of Ningbo issued the first skill talent development index of Beilun Yinzhou Cixi Zhejiang Ningbo, the leader of the city 2016 Chinese talent science and technology week will be opened this morning, 5 days. Yesterday, Ningbo released the "Ningbo talent index released in 2016 report" and "Ningbo skilled talent development index report". The revised Ningbo Talent Index (NTI) system consists of 4 relatively independent basic indicators, including demand index, development index, liquidity index, and confidence index. The Ningbo technical talent development index report is the first release of Ningbo, the main purpose is to serve the 2025 pilot cities in China construction requirements, providing guidance for skilled personnel training. Ningbo Talent Index in 2016, the main features of the five aspects: first, the city’s talent demand index is high, the industry’s overall demand for talent. Demand index mainly reflects the overall situation of employer recruitment needs new jobs or existing employee turnover after compensation demand. Since 2016, the industry talent demand in our city is relatively strong, the talent demand index average is 54.9, among them, financial services, electrical appliances (including smart appliances) and 3 cultural and creative industries in the red zone, demand index was above 60; a new generation of information technology, electronic commerce, construction and engineering 14 an industry in the Yellow range, energy saving and environmental protection, green petrochemical industry, modern agriculture and other 7 industries in the green region, no talent index in the blue range of industry. At the same time, the city’s new economy, new formats, new technologies, new models, a good momentum of development, the rapid growth of emerging industries on the traditional industrial structure adjustment has played a certain role. Specifically, a new generation of information technology industry, intelligent manufacturing, financial services, cultural and creative industries talent aggregation effect gradually, signs of recovery in demand talent construction and engineering, new energy, trade, logistics and other industries, the city within the scope of monitoring 24 key industry talent demand index higher degree. Two, the gap between the development of the industry index, high technology, high skilled personnel demand significantly. Development index mainly reflects a level of activity within the industry, enterprises from developing new business or expand the scale of production caused by the recruitment activity, the 24 industry development index value is 51.2, which is higher than the 14 industry development index line 50, double promotion in policy and market, the shipping industry and energy saving environmental protection industry talent development index reached more than 60, the development of the new index of equipment manufacturing and new energy vehicles reached 58, the overall development situation of related industries is better, the new enterprise business development and scale expansion to stimulate the demand for talent in related fields. From the post, the development of high index core manufacturing technology R & D personnel, highly skilled personnel and marketing personnel, respectively 58.5, 54.7 and 54.2, the development index of the senior management personnel, technical personnel, service industry core project management personnel also were more than 50. Three, the overall flow of the industry index is low, the integrated administration of the three categories of people.相关的主题文章: