The elderly living alone in Changzhou day and night painting the unfortunate sudden death died sever-乃々果花

The elderly living alone in Changzhou day and night painting the unfortunate sudden death death for several days no one knows all the media often report news in September 15th is the Mid Autumn Festival, family reunion, family celebrating the. However, Mr Li has received the news of his father had died in a rented house. In the morning of the 10, the Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Chashan Tinian Branch police station received a report, police said Mr. Wang did not see the downstairs for a long time the elderly living alone. He smelled a smell of smell downstairs, there are a lot of flies, for fear that the elderly are dangerous, please look at the past police. The police after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene, the corridor filled with a strange smell, look down from the 5 floor, 403 room window flies fly. The police agreed with the consent of the landlord, enters the room after unlocking, found the old man lying rotting body on the ground, dead several days. Police at the scene investigation, ruled out homicide. Police learned that the deceased was 70 year old Uncle Lee, and his wife had been settled in foreign countries. In recent years, he has a crush on painting, home alone, rental alone at a friend’s house, all together with friends, learn skills huihaopomo. Recently, Lee uncle obsessed with peony, a famous friends evaluation grandpa peony painting as another picture. Unintentionally, listener, Uncle Lee began day and night to practice hard, obsessed with painting peony. May be overworked, high blood pressure, his sudden death. Uncle Lee’s son Lee received notice from the landlord, hurried to come over. Mr. Lee was very sad, said to the police, two weeks ago had telephone contact with his father, then good. His father had high blood pressure, high blood sugar, has been taking medicine. Mr. Lee for his father’s unfortunate sudden death was deeply annoyed, regret that he has been busy with work, neglect to take care of his father, did not see, and know the days of the death of his father. Expansion of the video: unrelated to the original eight days old man living alone since the death of the overflow photos can not find a photo相关的主题文章: