Anhui Qianshan small melon turned industry to help farmers out of poverty-音羽かなで

Anhui Qianshan: "small melon" turned "industry" to help farmers out of poverty in Qianshan County Dou Mu Xiang Xian Jia Cun melon planting base with Gualou, many people unfamiliar with it. However, in Anhui County of Qianshan Province, it is not only known to every family and become farmers, build up the family fortunes and the "golden key", more and more farmers rely on the cultivation of Trichosanthes embarked on a rich out of poverty. "Small Trichosanthes" into the villagers to get rich "good helper" "melon is good, I in different varieties of Fructus Trichosanthis, picking time is early late this year, the National Day has picked a." Stand in their own fields, looking at the endless Gualou, Qianshan County Dou Mu Xiang Xian Jia Cun snakegourd fruit grower Sun Jianlin grinning. In 2009, Sun Jianlin operating farm loss of about 200000 yuan, he is unable to do anything on the occasion, the village secretary found him, he took the initiative to recommend planting seedlings, Gualou, and provide financial and technical support. Others see the snakegourd fruit yield good, Sun Jianlin made up his mind, one after another land transfer by planting 134 acres of melon, the annual income of nearly 500 thousand yuan. In addition to high returns, Sun Jianlin also receive government subsidies to 400 yuan per mu. Each month, the village will organize technical personnel to go to the fields to guide specific to how how sowing, fertilization and management, and earnestly solve the Sun Jianlin the menace from the rear. "Don’t underestimate Gualou, it all up and down is a treasure." According to Sun Jianlin introduction, snakegourd seed can be processed into delicious snack food, trichosanthes root, fruit and melons are also important in traditional Chinese medicine. Sun Jianlin told reporters that this year due to continuous rainfall, Trichosanthes sales market is particularly good. "Snakegourd seed mainly sold to Jiangsu, bark and root can sell a good price, Bozhou and other places of business will come home purchase, as a traditional Chinese medicine raw materials." His wealth is not rich, Sun Jianlin rich in the same time, but also to help the villagers together to get rich. When busy, he hired the villagers to help the field, every day to give 80 yuan reward; leisure, his hands to the poor villagers imparting seed, field management and other aspects of knowledge, led farmers to get rich. "Now planting Gualou technology has matured, I intend to expand next year, a 200 acres of melon." Sun Jianlin is full of confidence. "One of the leading industries of small Trichosanthes turned out of poverty as a big industry" Xian Jia Cun, Trichosanthes plant has become the main way for the villagers to get rich. Sun Jianlin and other grower driven, only 4 years, Xian Jia Cun Trichosanthes base covers an area of 800 acres has been developed, covering 11 villagers group, 237 households. At present, driven by poor households 45 households, 117 people planting melon. Xian Jia Cun first secretary Wang Guangkuan said, Xian Jia Cun give full play to their own advantages and actual development, formulated the "industrial development planning of one village one product characteristic, optimize the industrial structure adjustment of agriculture, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of land and economic benefits, to Party cadres with the head, helping promote the development of planting industry base lead out of poverty" model driven by poor households out of poverty. In Wang Guangkuan’s view, the "small Trichosanthes" is indeed "big industry". "Melon.相关的主题文章: