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Spartan warriors first boarded the Chinese Zhang Peimeng experience obstacles difficult obstacles, and constantly challenge the limit of the race, which is the world’s most famous obstacle race Spartan warrior left to participate in the impression. October 16th and October 30th, Sparta (Spartan Race) will be the first landing in China, respectively, in Shanghai and Beijing, two cities do two games. Unexpected is that this new event on the first day of registration attracted nearly a thousand runners, fitness enthusiasts. In September 29th, the event organized by the media experience, Chinese sprinter Zhang Peimeng as the first of the tournament experience, the challenge of a number of high difficulty barriers, obstacles demonstration skills, and said he will participate in the October 30th games in Beijing. "Really very tired!" After trying several difficult obstacles, sprinter Zhang Peimeng also admitted that they were testing physical endurance and courage of the Spartan race tired. Since Rio returned to Beijing, this is the first time for Zhang Peimeng to try such a large amount of exercise, but he also put this experience as a physical training course create new styles. Try for the first time, Zhang Peimeng clearly had some Yiyouweijin, he Pro Cheng will participate in the October 30th Beijing games, "although many years sprinter, now see the track a little excited, but this challenge is relatively new, quite want to participate in the." Zhang Peimeng explained. Spartan warrior is the world’s best obstacle event, although it is only a 16 year history of new events. However, the Spartan race development in recent years rapidly, more than 25 countries held nearly 200 games every year in the world, the cumulative participation of more than 8 million people, beyond the marathon and triathlon and other projects, to become the world’s fastest increment in the number of events of the masses. In 2016, China’s sports marketing company will be the first to introduce the family of Sparta Sparta grand china. With the traditional road race events and other hurdles compared with a completely different game Spartan spirit connotation and perfect competition system, advanced system and honor system. The organizing committee said that the events are divided into three levels, Spartan racing game Spartan super series, Spartan beast game. This challenge is not only the ultimate obstacle to attract a large number of runners and fitness enthusiasts, but also to attract a lot of active participation of stars. CCTV Oprah Shatong, has conducted 4 weeks of Sparta training, and will participate in the Spartan race Beijing Railway Station, Chinese Taiwan artist Xu Jieer also broke his own training in online photos and recruit their own team, together to participate in the ShangHai Railway Station game. Our prince Chen Yibing, will also serve as the Super Warriors in Beijing Railway Station Spartan race.相关的主题文章: