Xinyang 11 year old boy lost his way to school in the past 7 days have not been found-naughty怎么读

Xinyang 11 year old boy on his way to school lost over the past 7 days have not found Hu Xuekang photos (provided by the family) Xinyang news network November 15th news (reporter Wang Yang) recently, a "Huaibin 11 year old boy Hu Xuekang lost, request the public for diffusion" post affects the people’s heart. Yesterday morning, the reporter contacted the lost boy Hu Xuekang’s uncle Gao Yuming, he told reporters that the past 7 days, the child is not found, the family worried, anxious good people to provide clues. According to Gao Yuming, Hu Xuekang is a member of the fifth grade students in primary school in Huaibin county Wang Dian Xiang Yuan shop, because the parents go out to work, he usually lodged in uncle home, by the grandmother to take care of. November 9th at 12:30 or so, after lunch Hu Xuekang to go to school to do their homework, went to school by bike in advance. Until the afternoon after school, with a school cousin came back to tell his family, cousin Hu Xuekang did not go to school, his family found him lost, when he left home has been four or five hours. Gao Yuming told reporters that the children live from school only 1.5 kilometers, before leaving, Hu Xuekang’s grandmother also watched a far better, but do not want to, he lost in the last few hundred meters away. After the incident, the transfer of the family at a distance of 300 meters to monitor the school, on the monitor screen no child figure. "The child lost, his parents rush back, these days, relatives of dozens of people regardless of day and night to find a haystack in the surrounding villages, are not willing to let go, or nothing, his family almost died." Gao Yuming anxiously said that at present, Huaibin County Public Security Bureau police are also visited Mopai, and no progress. "The lost child wearing a yellow autumn clothing, black with red edge coat, wearing red pants and red shoes." Gao Yuming is looking forward to a good man. If you find the whereabouts of the child, you can call 15039765788 contact Gao Yuming; you can also call the newspaper news hotline 13526070110 to provide clues. (Xinyang News Network – Xinyang Evening News)相关的主题文章: