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This several day: the world thrombus groups vulnerable to venous thrombosis around the Shaanxi channel — original title: World: these thrombus groups vulnerable to venous thrombosis around October 13th is "world thrombosis day", thromboembolism, is a fatal disease due to a potential artery or vein formation the blood clots caused by. Thromboembolism can lead to serious consequences, and the three leading causes of cardiovascular disease, heart failure, stroke, and venous thromboembolism, are closely related. Do not think that only the elderly anti thrombosis, young people should pay attention to! Young man: playing computer can play these lower extremity deep venous thrombosis is the common disease, but juvenile onset is uncommon. In recent years, however, deep vein thrombosis has become a "fad" for young computer users". In western countries, it is also called "computer thrombosis". This is because the lower extremity is far away from the heart, long time sitting in front of the computer to keep the posture, lower extremity venous reflux slow, easy to produce blood stasis, sometimes even venous blood is almost stationary, thus easily induced venous thrombosis. The first performance for the lower extremity venous thrombosis (mainly leg swelling, pain, heaviness), and standing, walking pain and discomfort. In severe cases, lower limbs appear skin bruising, "said the shares bruised, risk of gangrene limb ischemia, emergency operation treatment. In addition, lower extremity venous blood flow to the heart like "highway", if the thrombosis can reach the heart, into the pulmonary artery, leading to pulmonary embolism. In the expert opinion, venous thrombosis is another danger lies in the coverage of the crowd. In addition to genetic factors, surgery and trauma patients, cancer patients, the elderly, obesity, smoking, long-term use of estrogen drug groups, long time hospitalization etc. are likely to be "wrapped" high-risk groups. Epidemiological investigation showed that there were at least 1 risk factors for venous thrombosis in almost all patients. Need to be reminded that lying in bed, a long time is not an important risk factors for venous thrombosis. Teachers, drivers, salesmen and so on for a long time to maintain a fixed position, the risk is relatively large. These high-risk groups, once the leg swelling (including ankle and foot), pain or tenderness, there is obvious change in color (such as red), leg skin temperature rise, superficial vein expansion etc., should be timely check. At present, the main treatment of anticoagulation, thrombolytic therapy, but for the "green", should be timely operation to save the limbs. Sedentary is the main reason for the onset of work in front of the computer or play online games do not exceed 4 ~ 6 hours. After a period of time, to get up activities, focusing on the activities of the lower limbs, doing squat action to accelerate venous return. At the same time to drink plenty of water to dilute the blood, prevent blood viscosity. Anti thrombosis eat roast celery "China Health Care Association for the study of nutrition security by Professor Sun Shuxia said, foreign related research shows that, the thick aroma exudes baked celery, is up two benzene nitrogen composition effect most important in celery, the biggest role is to prevent blood benzene two nitrogen suppository)相关的主题文章: