Chengdu Science City to create the first city in the West will change the lives of people in Chengdu-matlab 等高线�

Chengdu Science City to build the western innovation will change the life of Chengdu City Center District Chengdu Tianfu cyanine A. Chengdu city 25 kilometres south of the lake is booming, glittering. From the suburbs to the building, from the township to the town of Chengdu Science City, just over 2 years, this area has completely changed. In the area of 25 square kilometers of the city of Chengdu Science Park, has gathered a number of international top projects. Just this month, Chengdu science city major industrial projects focused on the launching ceremony held in the new industrial park. Liando U Valley · high Tianfu international enterprises in Hong Kong and West Danfu power battery system integration industry base 10 projects started to focus, to high-end manufacturing, research and innovation, high-end services etc.. With the Chengdu Center for scientific research project Chinese academy started, a large number of high-tech projects will be relocated in Chengdu science city. The Internet, nuclear industry, aerospace, bio materials, brain science, dark matter research and a series of "cool" in the field of scientific research, not only will be issued the "Chengdu sound" in the field of science and technology in the world, will effectively change the life of ordinary people in Chengdu. Exploring the science city "Chengdu shrine kiss" to help VS to the retina camera "camera" in many "move" to the Chengdu Science City project, photoelectric technology research institute is one of the best China. The original photo in Chengdu Shuangliu (micro-blog) town, far away from downtown, seem low-key and not known. In fact, the product developed here is an integral part of China’s space engineering. Last month, the world Temple No. two and the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft rendezvous and docking, the Shenzhou spacecraft for laser radar navigation system provides the measurement information from photoelectric, R & D and manufacturing in Chengdu. The science and technology department deputy director Gao Xiaodong researcher, rendezvous lidar in near distance accurately capture Tiangong two, to achieve high accuracy of Tiangong two tracking, provide relative position of two aircraft, and real-time Tiangong two spacecraft and relative distance, range rate, angle angle rate location information is transmitted to the God eleven, help the spacecraft continuously adjust the attitude, and slowly near the Temple No. two, and ultimately achieve precise docking. In addition to help "Jingu kiss", photoelectric is being developed in a special "camera", dedicated to the human eye retina camera. Many diseases, such as eye diseases and diabetes, can be reflected in the retina. However, the human eye has been in a state of jitter, the optical properties of the human eye is constantly changing, so it is very difficult to clear the retina. In this paper, the adaptive optics technology, which has been developed for many years, can be used in the retinal imaging of human eye. At present, the photo has been successfully developed this system, clinical trials are carried out jointly with hospitals and medical research institutions, trying to find out the relationship between cell morphology and pathological grade clinical obtain high resolution retinal images between. Gao Xiaodong said that the study of the technology in the international leading level. After the capture of related technologies, the eye disease and other diseases (such as diabetes) in the early and early diagnosis means a qualitative leap. In相关的主题文章: