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Taiwan Taitung County 5.9 earthquake area   Fujian earthquake strong sense – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn original title: Taiwan Taitung county area 5.9 earthquake Fujian earthquake more than a strong sense of 6 night, 5.9 earthquake occurred in Taiwan County of Taitung area. Under its influence, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen and other coastal areas of Fujian and more strongly felt. According to the determination of Chinese seismic network, 6, 23:51 in the waters of Taiwan Taitung county (22.60 degrees north latitude and longitude 121 degrees) 5.9 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 20 km. As the mainland from the recent Taiwan Province, Fujian City, Xiamen City, the coastal areas of Fuzhou, Quanzhou City, Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area has felt felt. That evening, living in Fuzhou city in a 11 storey residential building in Jing was felt from slumber. She told reporters, felt more strongly, continued for half a minute, then log on to the Internet is found in Taiwan earthquake. Living in the urban area of Quanzhou, Chen Hao also told reporters that he was in the 5 floor of the house can feel the obvious shaking, lasting dozens of seconds, fish tank water and chandeliers obviously shaking. Less than 5 minutes after the earthquake, more than a few friends in Fujian Sina micro-blog message. Fuzhou netizen jingle jingle message, said the earthquake, the lights are shaking." (Long Min) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou)相关的主题文章: