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Continuation of the bond market callback A transaction significantly reduced the level of exposure of the Sina Fund: the letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Trainee reporter Zhang Chenlei since last month, the Commission announced the suspension of grading fund registration work, grading fund into the stock market. Daily economic news reporter through the set of recorded data found that, with the increase in the bond market volatility, the first half to attract all types of institutional investors scramble to configure the classification of A more than half a month to clinch a deal significantly lower. The premium rate along with the classification of A narrowed, investors generally cautious attitude to the overall trading opportunities. According to statistics, since August 15th, grade A turnover reached the highest point of 2 billion 562 million yuan over the past six months, after more than half a month since the volume continued to decline, from August 31st to September 5th for the four consecutive trading day turnover of less than 1 billion yuan, of which September 2nd turnover is only 593 million yuan, nearly three months for the first time reduced to 600 million yuan. At the same time, although the level of A share continues to grow, but the growth rate slowed down, since late August has remained at about 79 billion. Bond continued callback is a key factor in reducing the level of A heat, Kay stone wealth analyst Guo Zhibin told reporters that the level of A with bond properties, the trend is closely related to the bond market. In the bond market to rise stage, grade A is usually the volume and price, and since August 24th the central bank to restart the 14 day reverse repurchase, tight market liquidity, bond market classification A follow the corresponding callback, trading volume also decreased significantly." Reporters noted that the overall trend of the bond market represents the total net debt index also reached in August 15th half year highs after the start of the callback, and grading of A volume were basically synchronous. This year, A grade performance in two level market is very brisk, up to now, there are as many as 37 grade A years or more than 10%, but the recent classification of A overall increase has slowed. As of September 6th, the set of record class A index was 1487.295 points, down by 0.17% in the past week. In addition, although in the 138 grade A, currently only A and Shenzhen A shares a few varieties in discount state, the remaining 136 grade A are premium, but the recent classification of A premium rate is reduced, may indicate that investors are cautious about the market outlook. Guo Zhibin told reporters that the performance of the rating A market mainly depends on the future trend of the bond market. At present, the overall market sentiment is more cautious, so the recent fundamentals are expected, the exchange rate depreciation pressure, or financial supervision and other factors, will cause market volatility. However, the attitude of the central bank to maintain adequate liquidity is still clear, bond yields continued to lack the support of the policy side and fundamentals, but in the short term can not see the obvious downward momentum. At this stage, it is recommended that investors remain calm when the bond yields rise in the appropriate layout of the band operation. Daily economic news reporter noted that since August 15th, 10 year bond futures continued to fall, as of September 6th, the 10 year bond futures contract T1612 has fallen by 1.04%. At the same time, the short end of the interest rate theory相关的主题文章: