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Bureau of Tourism Regulation of low-cost travel 9 OTA named shelves were more than and 800 product interface Zheng Cuiying cheap travel problems intensified, repeated, the Tourism Bureau criticized a number of tourism enterprises, especially the online travel company, Ctrip, where to go, Ali, the same way, the way cattle, donkey mother were named. In October 30th the national tourism administration supervisory and management department, tourism bureau announced on the official website said on the 28 day, the National Tourism Administration in the treatment of "unreasonable low price tour briefing, criticized the same way, the way cattle, Ctrip, UTS, ant nest, tail, donkey mother, travel travel, travel 360 mango net 9 tourism the enterprise name, and especially on Ctrip, donkey mother, the same way and commitment to the community after the rectification is not in place to criticise the enterprise". The impact of the market before the number of online travel companies are among them. On the way cattle and other companies promised to eliminate unreasonable low price tour product line sales, CYTS, CITS, Kang Hui, Nanhu 30 participating tourism enterprises responsible person said, will be in the sale of products immediately carry out the investigation and cleanup. According to the data released by the Tourism Bureau said that as of now the 9 companies have been criticized for criticism of the tourism industry has been under the unreasonable cheap tour product of more than and 800. Ctrip also said in 30 that it will further improve the platform price limit, making unreasonable low-cost products can not be on-line. Tourism Bureau official website shows, October 26th, the Tourism Bureau also interviewed Ali travel, where to network, Showtime travel and other online travel companies, 3 companies have said the person in charge will be taken off the shelf "unreasonable low price tour products and other measures. This is not the first time, the National Tourism Administration from the administrative level to restrict the "reasonable low price tour", interviews with tourism enterprises. For example, in April last year the same way, the way cattle are a cheap showmanship, be interviewed by the Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau and other departments. Since June last year, the national tourism, public security, industry and Commerce Management Department began a joint action on a large range of unreasonable low-cost remediation action. But the problem is always repeated. "Unreasonable cheap travel" phenomenon, on the one hand because of a large part of Chinese consumer attitudes is still sensitive to the price, on the one hand is from the market competition, the tourism enterprises in order to compete for market status and low-priced products to attract consumers. "The online travel company as a sales platform, is the hub of information, after the comparison highlights." China Tourism Research Institute, Dr. Yang Yanfeng said on the analysis of the interface news. Earnings data show that, due to "burn" competition, the overall loss in 2015 China online travel companies to expand. The situation is increasingly serious low-cost travel, forcing the National Tourism Administration intervention. Administrative means is still effective. Cheap travel is a common phenomenon, the administrative department has a clear orientation, there will be specific measures." Yang Yanfeng said, "and this action at home and abroad are matched, such as Chinese travel to Thailand, zero cost intensified, the tourism industry in Thailand began remediation; and domestic long-term travel in the zero cost more and more serious, has serious harm to the tourist experience, such as the recent events in Yunnan tour guide forced tourists shopping." Today.相关的主题文章: