To reduce the transaction cost of the system is to ensure that the cost reduction rebound key – real-音羽かなで

To reduce the transaction cost of the system is to ensure that the "cost reduction rebound" key real – the State Council issued the "financial Sohu to reduce the real economic cost of enterprise work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "work plan"), is to thoroughly implement the important documents of the five new development concept, leading the economic development of the new normal, to promote the supply side structural reform the. "Work plan" proposed to focus on reducing the system transaction cost, deepen reform, improve the pipe service government public service ability and level, is mainly aimed at the enterprise system of "virtual real high transaction cost reduction, a department alone is difficult to effectively reduce the power and the introduction of a package of measures aimed at eliminating the obstacles the high cost of enterprise system. A modern market system, to break the geographical segmentation and industry monopoly sound market environment for fair competition to break the stubborn geographical division to build a unified cross business and circulation enterprises to reduce costs. The regional blockade leads to the dispersion of the circulation system and the excessive level, which improves the circulation cost. For example, China’s pharmaceutical industry circulation transaction costs equivalent to foreign 2-3 times, most of which is the regional segmentation caused by institutional transaction costs. As a result, China’s pharmaceutical retail chain is relatively low, about more than and 40 retail pharmacies in which the chain pharmacy was less than 40%. The origin of all kinds of local "local policies, the umbrella behavior of the real economy enterprises hinder normal cross regional mergers and acquisitions and chain operation, restraints and flow of production across freedom, increased market access and circulation cost. "Work plan" to seize the system in high transaction costs of the bid, efforts to get rid of hidden restriction and intervention related division in various areas, emphasizes the three measures, since 2018 the implementation of market access negative list of national unity, cleaning effect abolished the formation of a unified market restrictions, relax the establishment of cross chain enterprises non legal person business branch of all kinds of restrictions. An industry monopoly problem, sound competition policy, "the key is to ensure that the real cost reduction does not rebound". Administrative monopoly is the abuse of administrative power or rely on administrative power to directly intervene in the micro subject competition. The industry caused by the monopoly rent, including monopoly price reflects the monopoly on consumer surplus occupation, including the cost of the industry monopoly department under charge is illegal, high income and high investment through high prices passed on to other enterprises or consumers. "Work plan" an antidote against the disease, reflect to minimize the administrative institutions of the micro market improper intervention, clear rent down costs, break the black box, slashing "stock system transaction cost inefficiency". Therefore, many departments should cooperate, organize the implementation of fair competition review, improve the market competition rules, strengthening the enforcement of competition policy, to break the monopoly of the industry work carried out. Two, to "put under control" reform as the starting point to continue to improve the business environment through decentralization reduce the real economy enterprises unnecessary cost and time consumption of property. Unreasonable administrative examination and approval will lead to a large number of manpower and material resources for the administrative examination and approval items, increasing the burden on enterprises, but also can not bring the corresponding output and efficiency. World Bank ‘s business environment report 2016相关的主题文章: