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Oriental garden to create a water environment PPP model sukenori valuation sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money in September 21, 2016, the theme of "talk about the ecological restoration, the ecological construction of the beautiful Shanxi Fenhe Power Forum" held in Xiping mountain. The forum is organized by the association of Alashan SEE ecology, relying on the Alashan SEE industry alliance, the United Nations top experts think tank, held jointly with the United Nations Environment Programme, Shanxi province reform and innovation research, and suggestions for Shanxi ecological environment governance suggestions, explore new ideas of Shanxi ecological restoration, environmental protection and economic development win-win. It is reported that the forum will form a normal think tank behavior, held once a year, while attracting more excellent companies to invest in the construction of beautiful Shanxi. The ecological forum for the first time at the grand occasion, government departments, academic institutions, industry experts, business elite gathered water resources management new ideas, water environment management and ecological restoration, mine water remediation technology and experience of research and application of PPP mode and other issues in-depth discussion, to explore new ideas of ecological Shanxi repair, environmental protection and economic development win-win. Oriental Garden Investment Holding Group Chairman, chairman of the Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Oriental garden ecological environment of Alashan Industry Alliance executive chairman He Qiaonv attended the forum, and the Fen river ecological restoration is related to many fields and the Oriental Garden in water environmental governance in the field of unique advantages, leading concept, trend analysis, rich experience to share and communicate with guests. To promote the business model and public handshake solve all Chinese ecological problems "when we have closed because of smog, the river water can be drunk directly, the dish can eat out. Air, water and soil pollution is a problem we need to face. Facing the problem and solving the problem is the meaning of my life and even life." This chastity prologue, where Qiaonv mouth meanders, but more sonorous and forceful. Founded in 1992 to become the first Chinese garden, the world’s largest market capitalization of the landscape industry companies, the development of oriental gardens as much as an open textbook. In the landscape field leading position and did not let the Oriental Garden stop, but the beginning of a cross upgrade in the firm. With the business development, the Oriental garden to the "heart of the earth" as its mission, realize the upgrading from transboundary landscape construction to ecological environmental protection, ecological environmental protection layout of the whole industry chain, the full range of Chinese to solve ecological problems. In the field of ecological environmental determination roots of how clever woman, has a clear cognition for the extraordinary industry, but from the current situation of the industry and her export trend often point. "Now some Chinese is in the field of environmental protection business model, such as sewage treatment, garbage disposal, hazardous waste disposal, renewable resources, air pollution control and other uses BOT or other models; last year, the river governance is also a business model — PPP, the industry called for three or four years after finally released." Ho Ho said frankly, I hope in the near future, soil remediation, mine repair can also use PPP mode. "Trillions of dollars on相关的主题文章: