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"Youth online shopping simulation gun case for retrial: behind the complaint to modify hundreds of times -" Beijing Youth Online Shopping simulation gun case "was behind a retrial petition to modify hundreds of times in October 18th, the concern of the" youth online shopping simulation gun case ushered in a turning point: Fujian Provincial Higher People’s the court’s decision, will choose a public hearing in accordance with law retrial Liu Dayu arms smuggling case. To this day, the defendant attorney, Beijing Institute of Technology professor Xu Xin a year. In July 2014, Sichuan teenager Liu Dayu to Taiwan through the QQ online shopping sellers 24 imitation guns; in September of the same year, I have not received the goods Dayu told Liu, 24 imitation guns in 20 online shopping he was identified as a real gun. Liu Dayu was arrested on suspicion of smuggling weapons. (see "China Youth Daily" in February 23, 2016 6 edition reported) April 30, 2015, Liu Dayu to the crime of smuggling weapons by the Fujian province Quanzhou City Intermediate People’s court sentenced to life imprisonment; in August of the same year, the second instance upheld. In order to change Liu Dayu’s "life imprisonment" judgment, Xu Xin and modify hundreds of times the complaint, continue to add new materials and details. Xu teachers walk on the road to see a toy gun, it will be said that this is likely to be identified as firearms; heard a big corrupt officials sentenced, it will not be compared with Liu Dayu’s sentencing overweight." Xu Xin’s assistant, Xiao Zhe, said. This case is this year Xu Xin most want to solve the case. Xu Xin believes that the case is not only related to Liu Dayu himself, more likely to involve a large number of ordinary citizens. Appeal: "always speak the truth through the case on the basis of the identification of the Ministry of public security of firearms identification standard is very low, conflict with the criminal law, gun control law, which has the emergence of a large number of buyers, sellers of imitation guns was sentenced to prison, we want to promote youth online shopping simulation gun case retrial, and perfecting the related standard gun case." Xu Xin said. Xu Xin said: the appeal is very difficult, but always talk about the truth." Xu Xin told the "truth", and from the simulation of gun identification standard "contests" start. Standard with guns in this case, from the Ministry of public security in 2010 revised "the public security organs involving firearms, ammunition performance appraisal work regulations": "can not launch a non-standard format firearms and ammunition, when launching the projectile muzzle kinetic energy is greater than or equal to 1.8 Joule cm, a law identified as firearms." This standard has been questioned by many experts and scholars too low. Criteria for the determination of firearms, firearms management law stipulates that: guns must be sufficient to cause casualties or loss of consciousness, the property. Xu Xin believes that the provisions of the Ministry of public security, there are differences and foresight, cognition of some people; in addition, no detailed provisions on the simulation of gun gun control laws in the criminal law, only in the twenty-second mentioned is strictly prohibited to manufacture and sell imitation guns, but does not require to buy imitation guns alleged illegal acts. Prison Liu Dayu did not idle. "As long as there is a chance, be sure to defend yourself." Never contact the law Dayu Liu, deliberately let the parents bring a large number of law books in time. From 2015 Ling相关的主题文章: