Hongkong Statistics Department August Hongkong total exports rose by Beijing 0.8%–beef怎么读�

Hongkong Statistics Department: August Hongkong total exports of goods rose 0.8%- Beijing, Beijing, September 28, according to the Hongkong SAR government website news, Hongkong Statistics Department announced on 27 August, Hongkong total exports rose 0.8%, imports rose 2.8%. The monthly visible trade deficit of 32 billion 100 million yuan (HK $, the same below), equivalent to 9.4% of the value of imports of goods. Hongkong in August the value of total exports of goods is 309 billion 700 million yuan, the carrying value of 305 billion 700 million yuan, up 0.8%; domestic exports 4 billion yuan, down 3.4%. The value of imports of goods was 341 billion 800 million yuan, up 2.8%. The seasonally adjusted figures show that the 3 months ending August and for 3 months, the value of total exports of goods fell 0.1%, of which the value of re exports fell 0.2%, the value of domestic exports rose 6.8%. During the period, the value of imports of goods rose 2.8%. Hongkong Statistics Department said, exports to the mainland and part of Asian market exports recorded in different degrees of increase, even to the main advanced market exports continued to decline, the value of export commodities still edged up year-on-year in August. The point of view, in view of the fragile recovery of some advanced economies, the main central bank’s monetary policy to the differences, the United Kingdom from the EU, the external environment is still unstable.相关的主题文章: